New Year’s Eve, 2015

I’m either a misanthrope and a mathematician, but either way I don’t like celebrating the New Year. It’s just an arbitrary change from one time period to another; nobody gets excited and stays up to celebrate it not being August any more each year, so why should the 31st of December be any different?

To torture me, my family made me play Yatzy (the copyright dodging/open source version of Yahtzee) which is a game that seems devoid of skill, as all you do is throw dice again and again. Or perhaps I’m in a huff because I came last.

Then they made me play backgammon, and without meaning to (I wanted to just get back to reading my book) I beat my wife, my mother, my father and my sister, in two cases getting all my pieces of the board without my opponent getting off any of theirs at all, and three times exitying the game with a double on the dice. Clearly, fate was shining on me tonight. Or they all deserved it for making me play Yatzy.
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National Day

Today was Singapore’s 48th birthday, and, like every year, having practiced and rehearsed for what felt like six months beforehand, they had a grand celebration at Marina Bay. We are blessed with friends who live in an apartment on the 20th floor of a building overlooking the bay, with floor to ceiling windows to watch the fireworks through.
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