Swimming Lesson #15

It feels like it was a very long time since my last swimming lesson: three weeks have passed (although I did have that abortive splash around the hotel pool in KL). As I’ve been doing very little cardio work (climbing is more a strength and intelligence game) I wasn’t sure how I’d do in the pool, but my lungs still work. Now we’re on to refining my freestyle stroke, which is frustrating and enlightening in equal measure.
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Swimming Lesson #11

After an awful lot of weeks off, I went back to Swish today to start another set of lessons. As always, starting again is more challenging than you think: you’re confronted by the fact that you’re not as good as you imagine you are.

But this is at least an opportunity to improve.
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Swimming Lesson #7

The skies turned the colour of a dead trout and lightning began to arc at 5 this evening, and the deluge hasn’t stopped by 530 when I tried to get a car to my swimming lesson. The rain hadn’t stopped by 6 when I finally managed to get in a car, and the rain hadn’t stopped by 730 when I finally got a car back from the swimming lesson. Had every car been dissolved by the rain?

(On the way back, I was forced into taking GrabShare, which is an even more aggravating experience than being driven around in the back of a car by somebody who trusts an unreliable satnav. With GrabShare, they collect two or three riders from disparate places, so now the inconvenience is at least squares. You have drivers who don’t know where they’re going, riders who don’t bother to be ready in time to be picked up, and you always get picked up last "because it was convenient." Convenient for who? The person who isn’t standing in the rain like a berk?
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Swimming Lesson #5

While I was in Portugal I swam ten lengths of the pool almost every day. Because I hadn’t figured out breathing before I went on holiday, that meant holding my breath the whole way, coming up for air and wheezing, then going back again. So today it was good that we moved on to combining freestyle with breathing. Continue reading “Swimming Lesson #5”

Swimming Lesson #4

Although with every photo I look more sketchy, I think I’m improving. My instructor asked me if I’d been practicing this week and that explained my increased competence, but I think it was the dual function of not having four cups of coffee before my lesson, and making a sustained effort not to tense up. Oh, and the goggles. The goggles were the best $15 I’ve spent in months; they aren’t painful to wear, and I can see clearly underwater, and after an hour in the pool my eyes aren’t stinging and refusing to focus. So that was nice.
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