Inbound to Heathrow and then on

We’ve not had such an easy flight since before we had children. Maybe it was the extra boost conferred by having a wife in a wheelchair that made Changi easier, but when we got on the flight the kids didn’t go mental, we weren’t carrying so much stuff that there was no space to fit our feet under the seats (now both girls get their own seats, we have a higher ratio of cargo to space) and when the children sat down, they dutifully watched TV for a couple of hours then actually _asked_ to be allowed to stop and go to sleep. Continue reading “Inbound to Heathrow and then on”

We’re not happy until you’re not happy

The flight to London was fairly uneventful; I managed to get La Serpiente to spill a tray of chicken slurry all over her seat (I was trying to ensure my sleeping wife got something to eat, and … things prevailed against me) and then I had to sit atop some towels and the slurry, with La Serpiente on top of me, until the A380 flew into a lightning storm over India and I had to relinquish that seat and return to peace and quiet in the row behind. But apart from that, it was fairly uneventful. I got three or four hours sleep, my wife got nothing at all, and then we were spat out into Heathrow in the very early morning, and had the mother of all efforts to get to Terminal 2.

The staff on the Heathrow Express were super helpful, recognising our struggles with all that luggage. I was reeling from the news of the Brexit vote: when I got off the plane, the newspaper headlines were about a narrow win for Bremain in the polls, but the dreaded news caught up with me and made me swear while buying milk at Costa Coffee. Not the best way to start a day, but then it was already midday in Singapore, so I should have been fully powered up.

However, the walk to get to the Air Canada gate in Terminal 2 is a very, very long one. It’s already quite an odyssey to get from the Heathrow Express to Terminal 2, before you go up to the departure hall and take an absolute age walking from automated check in desk to baggage drop to outsize baggage drop for the car seat. Then in the queue for security, La Serpiente fell over backward and thumped her head on the floor, one of those terrifying hollow thunks that make you fear for concussion or worse. While I was consoling her, a man walked up to us and began to imitate her cries in a sarcastic manner. My wife took umbrage and asked him “do you enjoy being a prick?” but all this was unbeknowst to me; I wasn’t sure if my wife was telling me that I was being a prick for picking up my daughter, or if I was just having some kind of sleep-deprivation-induced hallucination.
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Waiting for takeoff

After a week in London, I’m abandoning my wife and kids for three weeks, flying back to the all-embracing heat of Singapore.

I was amazed how empty Heathrow was. I suppose that most people don’t choose to travel on a Saturday evening, but the terminal felt deserted. That may be just me making comparisons to when we flew to Halifax in the summer, and it seemed like there was a competition going on to pack as many people as possible into the check-in hall.

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Embarrassed by the Queen’s Terminal

I feel really rather embarrassed by Heathrow Terminal 2. Just over a year ago I flew out to Halifax, soon after the terminal had opened and before many planes were flying through. It was a calm and efficient process. How much changes in twelve months…
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