Fencing and chairs

This morning, still recovering from an evening of cheese and wine (and beer and gin and the world’s most interminable game of Settlers of Catan) I went round to our friends’ house to help dismantle the fence around their indoor pond. Explaining why their house had an indoor pond, or why the fence had to be removed, is not worth attempting to explain. Continue reading “Fencing and chairs”

The long Monday after the hard weekend

Today was my first day without booze since Thursday. I felt dreadful. Bloated, nauseous, foul smells emanating from my body as I walked La Serpiente to school. (Well, I walked, she hooned off on her scooter and waited for me at various points on the footpath, I assume calculated to be the most derisory.) After I had dropped her off and failed to unlock three different obikes, I went to the station and very carefully chosen the train going in the wrong direction, only realising after three stops that the reason the carriage was so spacious and I had a seat to sit on was because every single person was travelling in the other direction, and worse, that was the way I’d be having to go too. So, a good case for buying a coffee machine and installing it at home. Continue reading “The long Monday after the hard weekend”

After effects

I was fairly hungover today. It came in waves, repeatedly knocking me around, rather than a single monolith of misery. I took the kids to the café, fed them babycinnos, tried to avoid vomitting on them.

I went to the climbing wall for an hour and belched foul clouds into my own face as I clung to the wall, every new hold inspiring another headache or a heart palpitation.

I went and bought cheese and … well, that was alright. Standing in a climate controlled room filled with dairy artefacts is not a stressful activity.

I didn’t feel better all day. The first green shoot, the first day of sunshine, the first gap in the horror was when I cracked open a beer at 8:30 (I spent time from 8 to 8:30 getting both girls to agree to sleep) and then a tide of gin, beer and cheese got me back to somewhere close to normal.

Desperate to sleep, though. A single game of Cards Against Humanity, then we kicked our guests out, went to bed. Life is too exciting for any more than that.

The trouble with gin

After a night of booze and playing Settlers of Catan, I was never going to be in good shape in the morning. But I’d arranged to pick up a bottle of gin from a friend at Parkrun: delicious, Margaret River gin, impossible to buy in Singapore but wonderful to drink. La Serpiente had awoken at some point in the night and come to kick us in the face, so I’d slept in her bed then woken up feeling like death at 6am, and then taken 90 minutes to accept that I wasn’t going to run to Parkrun and I needed to get a taxi. Continue reading “The trouble with gin”

Waiting for the typhoon

A T8 typhoon was declared this morning, but there was nothing but spotty rain until ten minutes before we needed to get a taxi to the station, at which point it began sheeting it down and apparently all the taxis dissolved. We jumped my suitcase down the hill to Queens Road, where my wife narrowly avoided being run down by a charging taxi appearing out of the mist like an mythical creature, before stopping a second one who drove us with great ferocity and precision to the station in Central, where we could check in for our flight and then narrowly misses being able to get a burger in the shopping centre above us.
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Another weakened weekend in Hong Kong

We got in late on Friday and had a couple of beers, and so on Saturday I revelled in the fact that I could sleep in past 9am, uninterrupted by children clambering into bed to demand cuddles/poke me in the eye with their diminutive fists. Hong Kong had been in the grip of a heatwave (33° temperatures) but that broke earlier this week and now it was overcast and rainy.

Of course, nobody adjusts their air con settings in light of this, so the dim sum joint we went to in Wan Chai was absolutely baltic, and no matter how much tea you drink you’re still shivering. I ate deep fried tofu, rice, and not much else, and after a few hours stumbled back out to the street.

The street in question, Hennessy Road, has a strange combination of bathroom furniture shops, 7-11s, upmarket restaurants, down-market restaurants, offices, bars full of hookers and bars for men to get alcoholically lubricated in before they hit the hooker bars. Oh, and some coffee shops.
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Hungover Saturday

My wife didn’t get in until very late last night, which left me up late worrying about salsa-related shenanigans, and just to prove low crime is not no crime, somebody had stolen her phone, which meant they’d also stolen her credit card and her ID card. The credit card is the easiest to stop, but a new ID card is $100 and a new phone is … who knows how much? So an expensive night.

This morning, I had photocopying to do: degree certificates and marriage certificates and birth certificates and every other form required for a residency application. Which was thrilling, as I’m sure you’d guess. Even after two hours of this, there were still things I didn’t have, like letters of recommendation from each of my previous employers. For a form that’s meant to take about 20 minutes to complete, there’s an awful lot to fill in. Although I guess I did overcomplicate things by having a wife and kids.

We got the girls home late, which meant they napped late, which meant they were a nightmare to put to bed this evening, which means it’s 10:30 at night and I’m only just out, and I’ve had at most two hours sleep since Friday morning. Not really adequate prep for tomorrow’s running session.