Driving home

The Jagerbombs were a mistake. Not even in retrospect, even when we were drinking them In knew they were a bad idea, that the cheque wasn’t so much in the post as dispatched by an express courier and awaiting my signature when I got to my bed. And so it was: I woke at 6, heart pounding and feeling like I was about to die. This wasn’t really the best preparation for the drive home today. Continue reading “Driving home”

Imperial Apple Again

Tonight, still suffering from a migraine and otherwise crapulent, I dragged myself over to the Imperial Apple massage parlour. Sadly, they don’t massage you with an apple, which would have been much less painful than somebody grinding my face into a bed for an hour and trying to pull my arms and legs off. I heard a rumour that massage was meant to be relaxing, rather than an experience that elongated an hour into an eternity of suffering, wishing it would stop and then finding your fingers are being stretched out ever longer.

Still, after an hour I felt a bit better. Still have a headache, still haven’t run properly for days.

I had a better day than the rest of this week though; at the start of the morning I had three things I wanted to do, and I avoided checking any email and I didn’t concentrate on any of those three things until they were done. Some small victories in life, even if not everything is done.

Oh, and there was a farmer’s market put on by La Serpiente’s school in the morning. I skipped out of the office for an hour and went over to have her sell me a piece of soda bread for two dollars, and then she hugged me while holding a handful of flour, so I presented my very best professional self when I got back to the office. So there was that as well today, I guess.

Painful Friday Night

I got home this evening with stiff, sore shoulders and I thought the remedy for this would be to go and have a relaxing massage. Instead, I went and had a massage.

I went to the Imperial Apple Spa, which is just a few streets away from our flat, and seems to have been named by a poor computerised translation. Perhaps the owner thought the name was redolent with majesty and also the health benefits of fruit. Or perhaps they were just absolutely flipping mental.
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A bad start

I woke up at six this morning, feeling a bit unsteady after last night’s late night burger, and went out to get a taxi to the East Coast. There were no taxis. I tried calling to reserve one, and while stuck on hold, waiting for a response, the only taxi available for hire in Chinatown went past me and vanished. Like a mug I waited for a taxi reservation to complete, and I waited and waited and waited until it got to 6:45, too late to make the race start, at which point I gave up in a sulk and went for a run around Marina Bay instead.
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Oranges Are Not Good For You

I seem to have injured myself by eating an orange. I felt fine until about four-thirty this afternoon, when I ate the orange, after which I’ve been wracked with abdominal pain. Too low to be something in my stomach, it feels like I must have inadvertently stabbed myself while slicing the orange open, but in such an absent-minded way that I forgot I did so.
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