Training, frustrated

On Monday, my marathon training is meant to start, with a 30 minute all-out time trial, to calibrate my current fitness and pace, and allow me to determine my current power output and thus calculate my training zones for the next 4-6 weeks. I usually do these tests on the track, where it’s mortally boring to run about 18 laps at a consistent pace, but I have a work dinner on Monday so I can’t go to the track then. I can’t go before work, because I don’t think I’m capable of getting up, travelling for half an hour to the track, putting in an hour’s session (don’t forget warmup and cooldown time) and travelling back with enough to get La Serpiente to school.

I can’t do it tomorrow, because I was a wreck this morning and have no reason to believe I’ll be better tomorrow, and I can’t do it tomorrow night because I’m drinking beer all afternoon. So I figured I’d do it tonight, before we had dinner.

Then I realised I couldn’t do that, so I’d go after dinner.

Then I realised that would put me in the doghouse, so I gave Destroyer her bath and got her halfway to bed, and then I handed over to my wife and went out to do 30 hard minutes (but round the bay, rather than going out to the track).
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Marathon training – week 10 of 14

I think this was a better week than last week. It’s a bit hard to say, looking back on a Sunday night where I ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes and still didn’t go as far as I was meant to.

Looking at Training Peaks, I was therefore surprised to find I only ran for 6 hours last week (21 minutes less than the previous week, when I had the excuse of jet lag). Whoops. I did fit in my yearly attempt at the Akira Road Relay, although this was a pyrrhic victory – no entry in the toaster oven meant no real shot at glory.
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Marathon training – week 9 of 14 – half measures

I ran 6 hours longer this week than I did the previous week. Unfortunately, I was meant to run ten hours longer than I did last week, so we’re not exactly perfect at this point.
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Marathon training – week 7 of 14 – the halfway point

Week7trainingpeaksThis was always going to be one of those weeks where the wheels might fall off. Usually when I fly to a different country, my running goes completely to pieces, so though I was only clocking about half the intended load, I’m still fairly content with the outcome.

First, let’s talk about all that red.
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Marathon training – week 6 of 14 (too much too young)

I ended last week by slacking off and not doing my long Sunday run. That left me unexpectedly fresh on Monday, so when I went to the track I ran (in epically wet conditions) a surprisingly consistent set of 400m repeats.consistency

Pretty much every lap was under 1:25, and they were almost all within a second of each other.  So I was pleased with that (and pleased that I’d put in the fastest average in two and a half years, and the most consistent set since I’ve been running at the track). When I reviewed the power data in detail, it was also nice to see that every interval was pretty much the same as every other interval – so I wasn’t compromising my form on the later repeats as I got more tired… So that was all great.

It didn’t turn out to be so great for the rest of the week – running that hard wasn’t something I was really ready for, and I paid for it on each successive day.
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Marathon training – week 5 of 14 (slacking off)

I’m back from running round the track in torrential, chilling rain, and looking back on last week, a week where I didn’t do all that I should have done. A week that culminated in defeat and a margarita pizza.
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