Apresdeluvian run

I went to MacRitchie Reservoir for a run today. It was an easy choice; the Formula One race means any running route near Marina Bay is needlessly complicated, running to Mount Faber would be horrendously boring, and although MacRitchie is hilly and humid, it’s also fun to be running down a rocky path where you’re not entirely in control.

I was too tired to run it this morning, and it would have been impossible at night as they lock a gate at one end, making it really difficult to do a proper loop, and it would be in the dark with a bunch of angry monkeys, and I’d never sneak out after bedtime anyway, so I left at 4.

Just as a huge rainstorm came in. The sort where it gets cold in Singapore, and where you can’t see much further than the windscreen of the car you’re in. So hurtling to MacRitchie was rather fun.

I arrived, the rain stopped, everything was lovely. Perhaps this was a sign that the general shittiness of the weekend to date had now abated.

The run itself was quite tough. I was keeping my pace slow as I can do MacRitchie in an hour, but then I’m ruined, so I did my first lap in just over an hour, then discovered that although it’s a reservoir, water is hard to come by, and either dehydration or tired legs made a mess of the second hour for me. I did have my Camelbak with me, but the water bladder had some suspiciously old water in it, so I’d left that at home.

I did have the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast to listen to, which is a great solace while running, but maybe not good for overall performance. Still, it kept me going, fnar fnar.

Finishing, I got a taxi home, legs well and truly wrecked (the rough ground plays hell with everything below the knee), but I had been smart enough to pack a change of clothes with me, so I didn’t stink the vehicle up. I looked a state though: tight t-shirt and baggy shorts are something for a Spice Girl twenty years ago, not a middle-aged man today.

Then, as penance, I had to sit on Destroyer’s floor to get her to sleep, when getting up from the floor with knackered legs is a matter of hilarity and idiotic pain. And so to bed.

Rain and Caldas da Rainha

It rained this morning but this didn’t dissuade the girls from going outside and playing in the sand. Eventually when we’d all got it together we drove down to Sao Martino, a small seaside town about 20 minutes away. There’s not much there; a few restaurants, a sandy beach, ice cream. It felt like a seaside resort in the UK in the 1980s, except it was sunny. In between bursts of rain, that is. Continue reading “Rain and Caldas da Rainha”

A parkrun in the rain

It poured with rain last night, so much that it couldn’t possibly rain any more today. So I was surprised to wake at 6 this morning to the sound of further rain. I got up, careful not to wake anyone, and crept from the house to the car, just as the rain stopped. Then I drove out to Busselton for the Parkrun there, just as the rain came back again.
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Alone in the dark

I’ll often complain, but Singapore does have some beautiful weather. This afternoon I was in meeting after meeting, and just after five, as I looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window towards the west, I saw a patch of vehement orange yellow, growling up from the horizon. Above it, acres of dark grey, and then a little round hole of blue, adorned with cotton wool puffs of white. It was beautiful, and it meant I wasn’t going running tonight.

In the space of ten minutes, the dark grey swallowed up the blue, the orange turned a little redder and then vertical slashes of lightning began to flash. The meeting ground on.

Wednesday is girls’ night out. Tomorrow my wife and I are going to the cinema, and Thursday is too late in the week for me to do a speed session if I want a fast 5k on Saturday. So I looked out the window with the faint but fading hope that the storm would be gone by 6:30 and I could go to the track.

At 6:30, still humming and hawing, the sky had turned black and most of the buildings vanished in mist and darkness. My wife was reporting that La Serpiente was down with a fever again, and I didn’t want to go to a waterlogged track, slip over and drown. I peeled myself away from my computer and went downstairs, intent on going home. And yet…
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Partied out

This morning I awoke feeling crapulent, apparently the result of one pint of beer last night. We went downstairs to a 4th birthday party in the mezzanine area of our building, on an incredibly hot, humid day. The girls ran around playing with water pistols, or drew with chalk on the ground, or slid around in puddles of soapy water, for two hours until La Serpiente faceplanted and we all went home for a nap.
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