Daze without sugar

I cut added sugar out of my diet yesterday, after stopping drinking coffee a week ago. It’s only been by cutting sugary food out completely that I’ve become aware of how much there is to eat at the office. There’s the inexhaustible supply of chocolate in the microkitchen. There’s the gorgeous little doughnuts served up at breakfast. There’s the birthday cakes. There’s the free ice cream (it’s a sign you’re jaded when you are annoyed that there’s only Haagen Daz in the freezer and nothing more exciting).
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Resolutions for 2017

Usually I check on my resolutions on the 31st of December and then write my new ones on the first of January, but with the last couple of days being so busy, I figured I’d write my resolutions blind today, and then check on 2016 tomorrow.

So, in no particular order:

Reading I don’t feel that I read as many books as I could have done last year. I read a lot of blogs, and newspaper articles, and sundry flotsam and jetsam in my RSS feed, but (if my Amazon purchase history is to be believed) I read 16 books in the year. I’d like to read at least one book per week, but that is a it of a silly goal, given how much exercise I’m going to be doing, and also because I’m reading one book every night anyway, but the literary value of Little Miss Naughty for 28 days on the trot is questionable. So I’d like to be reading a different book every week, and finish most of what I start.

Reviewing To keep track of this, I’m going to try to review every book I read, and put that all up here. But why stop at just books? This year, I’m going to review as many of the things that I use, eat, read or experience. Then at the end of the year I’ll have a huge mass of knowledge that will probably be massively inapplicable to anyone else, but will at least indicate to me some of the things I’ve done. Also, though I tried to structure this blog in 2016 with a bit more structure (ahem) I didn’t always stick to it. In 2017, every week is going to be a bit more like every other week (and not just with me whining about being tired).

Running I’m going to run a good, strong marathon at the end of March and train consistently for it, and then after the marathon I’m going to keep my running up (at a lower volume, of course) and beat my times at the Masters’ Athletic contest in September, or whenever it happens to be. And (let’s put numbers against it) I want to be getting under 20 minutes for a 5k regularly this year (certainly after the marathon is out of the way). La Serpiente or Destroyer should be getting at least one ride in the stroller at speed every month. (I did around 80 km in it in 2016, which is pretty good for a $50 investment.) To make sure I don’t fall apart, I’m (hopefully) going to start doing pilates on a regular basis (at lunchtimes) every week.

Swimming I’m going to learn to swim. Again.

Dancing The wife and I are going back to salsa lessons. In April, because the next three months for anything non-marathon related may be a trainwreck.

Parenting As much as possible, I want to be a constant presence in the girls’ life. To quantify that, I’m going to try to take La Serpiente to school every schoolday that I’m in Singapore this year (excepting medical emergencies or anything else cataclysmic). I’d like to be around for their swimming and music classes, but I’ll probably be at the office (“making food” as La Serpiente terms it) during the week.

(bonus goal) – to try to get a first draft of Gap Year complete this year.

I’m also resolving to come back to this at the end of every quarter this year to assess progress, and add resolutions / finetune as necessary.

So, what are your resolutions? And what did I manage to do, and what did I think I would do, in 2016?

Resolutions for 2016

I got home about five this morning, crawled into bed, and was woken a couple of hours later. All day my muscles have felt sore and devoid of energy, even following a revivifying nap after this morning’s visit to the cable car. What doesn’t help recovering from all the jet lag and the poor dietary decisions is that at eight o’clock La Serpiente started vomiting, a casualty of a bug going around her school.
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Back in January, as is customary, I made a list of resolutions. Which I don’t seem to have kept to very well. Reading that post now, I’m shocked that it’s only been nine months since I was running around with La Serpiente Aquatica Negra tucked under my arm like a rugby ball. This was one of my favourite things to do with my daughter. Is she now too heavy? Am I too weak? What has become of us?
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Resolutions for 2015

I woke at seven this morning, feeling dreadful. I’d fallen asleep on the sofa at 11:30 on New Year’s Eve, because I’m a total party animal, and then been woken by fireworks and shouting, and then fallen back to sleep again. The interrupted sleep meant I still didn’t get much benefit, but after half an hour I forced myself to get up and go for a run: a gentle 25 minutes, where I had to dodge between crowds of drunks trying to catch taxis. At least one person shouted a happy new year to me though, so that was nice.

We had a busy day, not doing too much. After our first breakfast at home, we took La Serpiente Aquatica Negra up to Ronin for scrambled egg, where she managed to fall and put three gouges in her knee. Then, as she was still wide awake, instead of returning home for her customary nap, we walked up towards the Esplanade and I wore myself out running around with my daughter under my arm like a rugby ball. And then we went home and went to sleep.

This afternoon, we did less, and stayed at home until about four, when we went out shopping for the first time since before Christmas. Our daughter got a new stuffed toy (a very small blue manatee) to go alongside big and small Ceciles (we almost bought her a mid-size Cecile, but that would have been a bit too much octopus). I searched unsuccessfully for a comfortable pair of flip flops, but did manage to buy a new set of headphones. They’re waterproof, and the reason for that will shortly become clear.

We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant in the mall. I was a bit ashamed to realise this was probably the first Thai food I’ve eaten since I was last in Bangkok (at the end of 2013). Clearly I’ve eaten a bit too much Italian food over the last 12 months, to the exclusion of all else. But then, I like Italian food…

Then home to bathe our daughter, a thankfully rapid and efficient process, and put her to bed with the last chapter of The Trumpet Of The Swan. Which gives me time to concentrate now on resolutions for 2015.
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