Here and there and back again

My wife came in at 3 this morning and woke me up, so when my alarm went off at 6:30, I blinked and it was already 7. Panic stricken, I rushed around the house getting ready to go to the Parkrun. (Protip: it’s much better to go to the toilet then put on a pair of bib shorts, rather than the other way round.)

I pedalled as fast as I could, and only arrived 5 minutes behind schedule. But fortunately, the East Coast Parkrun pretty much always starts ten minutes behind schedule, so I was there in time to help with timing the runners. I rode back, ten minutes faster than last week’s bedraggled effort, and then tried my best to entertain the kids.
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Fellow travelers and other problems

This morning I woke up early and rode down to East Coast Park for the weekly run, where I went slowly, struggling with tired legs and the consequence of eating an entire pizza the night before. It’s lucky I don’t have parenting responsibilities at present, because it took me until eleven to get home again, feet sore and legs weak. I suppose the run itself wasn’t so bad: by not going mental out of the start, I kept quite consistent pace, and even managed to sprint at the end to go up one place.

Still, that wasn’t much comfort as I rushed around, trying to get things shipshape for the family’s return. I had to buy eggs. I had to clean purple paint off the floor outside our front door, and empty the bins, hang up the laundry, check none of the decorations I’d put up in La Serpiente’s room had fallen down, and clean the toilet. What a glamourous life I lead.
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