Driven to distraction

This morning I took La Serpiente to school; with my wife still sick and Destroyer also not 100%, I felt bad about abandoning them to the school run while I went off to my meetings. And besides, I could just get a taxi after depositing La Serpiente, and still arrive in time, right?

As ever, how wrong could I be?
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Holiday planning and other nocturnal manoeuvres

Tonight I spent some time trying to sort out holiday plans. I booked two cars (one for driving around Portugal, the other for a week in England), one night at a hotel in Slough (I really hope John Bejteman’s friendly bombs don’t blow it up before we stay the night) and four tickets for the Legoland theme park in Windsor (with free burger meals) which should induce La Serpiente to lose her mind with happiness. Apart from the cars, this was all for free, cashing in yet more of my accumulated frequent flyer points, and yet I still have almost enough to send my wife away to Tokyo in the autumn. So it turns out that spending everything you possibly can, from phone bills to food delivery to delivery of children, on the same credit card for five years, has some benefits. Continue reading “Holiday planning and other nocturnal manoeuvres”

Bad Night

La Serpiente woke up crying and coughing and wheezing last night, about 10. We dosed her with medicine and she was down for another hour or so, and then up again, making piteous sounds as she struggled for breath. It was unlike any noise we’d ever heard from her before, like she was in the throes of an asthma attack or worse. Continue reading “Bad Night”

Sick day

I woke feeling dreadful. Outside was just as bad as inside me: the air pollution index had shot up to 150 and the rainstorm outside was a nasty shade of tobacco yellow. Instead of taking La Serpiente to school and then going to the office, I sent her out with my wife and then lay down on La Serpiente’s bed, and woke up three hours later, still feeling zonked.
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Easter Sunday

La Serpiente had a 39 degree fever last night, and spent all of today zonked out on the sofa. That meant she missed out on her first Easter egg hunt; Destroyer went out and found an egg stuffed full of sugary treats, and spent the next two hours demanding more chocolate eggs from me ("egg! egg!") until I took her home and she passed out in chocolate-induced bliss. Continue reading “Easter Sunday”

Swimming upstream

Today was La Serpiente’s first day back at school, and to adequately prepare for it she woke up at five a.m. and told me she wasn’t tired. I was lying on her floor after I’d had to cajole her back to sleep about 1, so i told her she should sleep and after a few protestations she slumped back to unconsciousness. By then my sleep was already ruined and i woke at seven to a wet day, my sinuses throbbing from the weather and my stomach feeling dubious after running last night and not refuelling. And of course La Serpiente refused to wake until half past seven, and then lollygag like mad all the way to the bus stop. 

Still, we got to school without her doing anything daft like opening her umbrella inside her mouth (two incidents and counting) and then I tottered off to work, feeling ropey. I couldn’t even face drinking coffee today. 

I made a big list of things to do today and got through almost all of them, which was good, but I still had a nagging feeling of disquiet by the end of the day, as if none of the things I’d done had amounted to very much. I’m sure they had. Even little things eventually pile up. But I went home rancid, to find Destroyer in a foul mood, and it was all i could do to not bark at both our recalcitrant kids. Destroyer was mad at finger puppets, mad at paper, mad at chairs and the sky and the air, and she took a long protest to get to bed tonight. 

Though the final joy I extract from today, before I sleep, is that La Serpiente was down in less than half a bear. That’s some balance for Saturday’s daftness.