Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest

La Serpiente greeted me at the door this evening, brandishing a pair of chopsticks that she’s learning to use. She had both a swimming lesson and a music lesson today, so by 6:30 she was brutally tired and manic, alternating bouts of weepiness with demands that we sat with her and read her a book about guinea pigs. Then she cried a bit, and sat at her table singing Japanese songs. As I remarked to my wife, her Japanese singing might seem impressive for an almost-four year old, but it looked like she was reading the words. (Disengage sarcasm now…) Continue reading “Chopsticks, a whole lot of yelling, and bed rest”

Almost time for launch

This morning I related my conversation from yesterday to a colleague. “Well, you don’t have any EQ” she said.

I had the last laugh, because only people who don’t have any EQ would be confident in making bold statements about other people lacking EQ.

Oh, hang on. That’s not right…
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Holiday planning and other nocturnal manoeuvres

Tonight I spent some time trying to sort out holiday plans. I booked two cars (one for driving around Portugal, the other for a week in England), one night at a hotel in Slough (I really hope John Bejteman’s friendly bombs don’t blow it up before we stay the night) and four tickets for the Legoland theme park in Windsor (with free burger meals) which should induce La Serpiente to lose her mind with happiness. Apart from the cars, this was all for free, cashing in yet more of my accumulated frequent flyer points, and yet I still have almost enough to send my wife away to Tokyo in the autumn. So it turns out that spending everything you possibly can, from phone bills to food delivery to delivery of children, on the same credit card for five years, has some benefits. Continue reading “Holiday planning and other nocturnal manoeuvres”

Bad Night

La Serpiente woke up crying and coughing and wheezing last night, about 10. We dosed her with medicine and she was down for another hour or so, and then up again, making piteous sounds as she struggled for breath. It was unlike any noise we’d ever heard from her before, like she was in the throes of an asthma attack or worse. Continue reading “Bad Night”

Cocoon Yoga

After eating an incredibly dense stack of pancakes at a cafe near our flat, I went to Cocoon Yoga for a class. I had walked past their front door a couple of weeks ago, looking for ice cream, and saw they had a back class. Since I have always had dreadful posture, and since working with a computer is inimical to a healthy spine, it was a no-brainer to sign up.
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A visit to the zoo

It’s unclear why, but I couldn’t get to sleep until about 3 this morning, and I still had to get up early to prep the kids for our visit to the zoo. When we got back from the zoo, although La Serpiente flaked out for two hours, Destroyer slept for less than half an hour before demanding I entertain her, so I didn’t catch up with any sleep. Then to really rub it in, when I took both girls to Marks & Spencer in the afternoon, ona last chance thrill ride to buy cheesy poofs and hot cross buns, Destroyer went to sleep on my back and slept until 5, the perfect preparation for not going to sleep tonight. Continue reading “A visit to the zoo”