You don’t know what you miss until it’s gone: Henderson Waves and plantar fascitis

It wasn’t until I was watching the safety video on the Singapore Airlines flight to Malaysia that it really hit me how much I miss being able to run. I suppose if you’re going to put trigger warnings on in-flight safety videos, it’s unlikely you’ll realise a shot of the bridge at Henderson Waves is going to upset anyone, but there I was, presented with a reminder of somewhere I’ve run up and down countless times, wondering hopelessly if I’ll ever be able to do it again. Continue reading “You don’t know what you miss until it’s gone: Henderson Waves and plantar fascitis”

Sundown Marathon 2017

This morning I ran the Sundown Marathon. It didn’t go quite the way I was hoping, but I think I did better than expected, in that I did at least finish. And I got the highest score I’ve ever had in a marathon – never got over 4 hours before!

Ahem. I guess personal bests don’t quite work like that.
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The November Project

I’m going to start by telling you a story…

Yesterday we had a presentation from a very tall man named Brogan, who founded the November Project, a fitness movement a bit like parkrun but run by bros instead of skinny runners. Crowds of people collect in public spaces in the US at 6:29 in the morning and work out for an hour, for free.

I was intending to get up and do it this morning but I didn’t figure out where exactly it was in San Francisco until 6:25, which left things a bit too late, so I went to the hotel gym instead.

The treadmills were all occupied so I did some weights instead; lots of squats and curls and now my legs hurt and I want to sleep (par for the course with any weight training and me). At least I assume that’s the reason for my soreness, or else it’s the natural consequence of two days sat in a chair not moving. Or perhaps I just should have gone to the November Project.

A sore point

Tired from yesterday’s run, I went out this morning to put a few miles in, just to get my weekly distance back up to where it should be meaningful again. I’m travelling for the first week of April and will probably not get any exercise, so this might compensate a little.

There was an orienteering event in Singapore today; lots of teams of two, three, four or even five people, jogging around, clutching maps. Some of them I overtook, some were faster than me, and most were just going in other directions. I jogged through the Gardens By The Bay, which is starting to feel more like a real thing than just a shopping mall of vegetation, and returned home, feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

When I took off my shirt, I had a bloody nipple.
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