In the morning

Predictably enough, after we put Destroyer to bed last night she came into our room at 2 in the morning, followed by La Serpiente at 4 in the morning, and nobody woke up until 8 in the morning, and there was rain in the morning. Alive, alive-o.

This evening, our resolve hardened, we tried to not have a repeat of last night. Destroyer was unconvinced and so when I left her room at 9:30, she followed me out. I went back in and shushed her down, and left. She followed me out and howled some more. My wife went in. My wife came out. Destroyer came out and howled some more. I went in. I came out. Destroyer came out. My wife went in. At last, Destroyer gave up and went to sleep.

All the while this was going on, La Serpiente slept on. The miracle of going to school is that she is at least tired enough to go straight to sleep in the evening, after a manic blast of enthusiasm.

I missed her bathtime tonight though, because I was behind on my running, and so I took Destroyer out in the running stroller for half an hour. I think that was a fairly good way to exercise; Destroyer got to point at shadows and say “noisy!” whenever she saw a bus, and (I hoped) the evening stimulus would make her ready for bed.

It didn’t, but we know that now, and we also know I don’t have the mental strength to do a run after being bellowed at for an hour, so I suppose this was at least an efficient set up.

And so to bed. I wonder how many people will be in our bed in the morning.

A long slow run

La Serpiente came into our bedroom at twenty past six, wanting to hug and lie on me. Instead, I bundled her into the running stroller along with some fruit, some cookies, a litre of water, a hardback book, two soft toys, a change of clothes for me and her booster seat, and headed off to the Parkrun. Which is about 10 km from our flat.
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Twelve Hours

Last night, after Destroyer screamed at me because I couldn’t find Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to read to her, I fell asleep on her bed. My wife came in after an hour and woke me, and I went into our room, lay on the bed and woke up at 9 this morning, wearing the clothes I’d put on yesterday. I guess a week of four hour sleeps every night has a way of catching up with you.
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Health and safety and dancing and so much more

Again, La Serpiente woke up way too early today, but we were prepared: we stuffed her into the running stroller and then I took her on an hour long tour of Singapore in the early morning. We got as far out as Marina Barrage, and then I slogged home with her again. La Serpiente had lots of snacks with her, whereas I was running on water and vague hope, so for the rest of the day I was more than a little bit broken.
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A frictionless lurch

Back in Singapore, cleaning myself up after pushing Destroyer around in the running stroller for half an hour, I was taken aback by how far away Jakarta seemed. I’d gone from a shower on the 53rd floor of a hotel, to am airport, to a plane, to a taxi, to the 23rd floor of am office building and then to the 40th floor of our apartment block without a pause. A frictionless lurch through time and space.
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An unexpectedly long run

This morning we started late, sluggish after an evening of cheese and booze. Instead of an early morning run, we all trooped down to Nylon where the kids attempted to play ball and I accidentally had a double shot of espresso, then went home and passed out, overreacting to caffeine and struggling with atmospheric conditions. At least our cruel and vicious children acquiesced by sleeping until 3:30.

That was good as it gave us time to attempt to pack from our winter trip (I got to try on lots of different pairs of jeans) and then, as we realised we had no food in the house, we went back out again. I loaded La Serpiente into the stroller, we had ten minutes of idiocy where we realised the tyres on the stroller weren’t inflated, the kids didn’t have food or water, neither of us had door keys, there weren’t enough soft toys to placate both daughters, my water bottle was where La Serpiente wanted her water bottle …
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Bad Dad’s Morning Run

We’d told La Serpiente she would be coming on my run this morning, but I snoozed my six a.m. alarm and when she came in to my room and lay down next to me at 6:30, she might have said she wanted to come, but she was still fast asleep at seven when I got up, and I didn’t have the heart to wake her. I left on my own, aiming to get a better time than I would pushing the stroller, and the minute I was in the taxi heading to the East Coast my phone rang.
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