A long short run

Tonight at the track the session is my least favourite: 20 minutes, followed by a four minute break, then two sets of five minutes punctuated by a single minute’s rest. This is the session where I heat up the most, with no time to take on water. The four minute rest helps a bit, but then there’s the derisory sixty seconds between the last two intervals, which is never long enough.

Plus today I didn’t prepare adequately, unless being stuck in meetings until 3 and having to quaff a sandwich in 15 minutes for lunch counts as preparation.
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Not just a haircut

Before I went to the track tonight I looked at my times from last week, and was pleased to see that my mean and median lap times had both been 1:37.1. I do like things like that, so I suppose the next challenge is to get the mode to be the same as well. Knowing what I’d been capable of a week ago also made me feel more secure about the target time I setting myself – not setting the bar too high (1:36s) or too low (1:40s) helps when it comes to sticking to the target.
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One fast lap

I worked a more reasonable day today, left on time, gave my child a bath and got to the track a few minutes before the session was meant to start, rather than running like crazy to make it. Today was my least favorite, 6×5 minutes, and having not run much this week I decided to be cautious. I was a little regretful, after doing a set of solid 1:36s back in January, but all the drinking and travel meant I would have to settle for 1:38s tonight.
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Chugging along at the track

I’ve hurt my neck somehow; it’s painful to look from side to side or up and down at the moment, and it’s been like this since Tuesday morning. However, as I don’t look from side to side very much while running, I figured I’d give the track a go tonight.

This evening was the start of another cycle: so once again it’s six five minute repeats with a minute in between each one. This is one of those torturous sessions; by the time you’ve stopped and picked up your bottle for a drink, it’s practically time to go out again.
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Back at the track

Coming down with hand foot and mouth meant I didn’t get to exercise for eight entire days, and I could feel myself getting grumpier as time went on, so I was glad to get back to the track. However, the rain today sapped my mood a bit, and I’m feeling a little under the weather: sore throat, sore back, sore head. Nor were things helped by a busy day at work or a poor night’s sleep: I knew I had to be cautious out of the gate.
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80/20: Day Three

You only do three things to be good at a sport: train really diligently, eat really well and sleep lots. Consistently. For a very long time. Oh, and a good genetic inheritance, financial independence and some good luck probably help, but concentrate on the things you can change first.

Last night, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra did her best to sabotage the third pillar of my training formula. She waited until about 11:30, then started yelling. And yelling. And yelling. We’re trying not to feed her until at least midnight, but that makes her madder and madder, which results in more and more yelling. Fearing for my wife’s mental wellbeing, I ushered her out of the bedroom and tried to settle my daughter. Who kept yelling. And yelling. And yelling.
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Another return

Back to the track for the start of another 4 week threshold training cycle. I hadn’t slept well; a big thunderstorm came in to Singapore and woke me at five this morning, and I didn’t feel too bright all day. The rain came on and off (it was still threatening at 6:30 when I got away from work) and I didn’t feel quite up for this, but I knew that missing out would feel even worse, so off I went to the track to see what I could do.
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