A long day in California

I got up at two o’clock this morning feeling like I had a terrible hangover. All I’d drunk last night was a single glass of wine, but I’d also turned the heater on when I got back to the hotel, and not turned it off when I went to sleep. While it didn’t do much while I was awake, by 2 am it had warmed the room enough to divest me of all the moisture in my body, leaving me hot and bothered. I drank all the water I could find in the room, then went back to sleep. Luckily I didn’t have to get up until 6, for my next idiotically long run.
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Jet lagged again

I woke just before 6 this morning, went for a run and then walked to Palo Alto to pick up my ride to work. Google Maps told me the walk (2.4 miles) would take 51 minutes. Insulted by the implication around my walking speed, I set off in a sulk… and arrived 45 minutes later. Yeah, that showed you, impersonal array of servers!

    Today was mostly in training, and so I fought to stay awake. The more information was easy but come mid afternoon  the muscles around .Y eyes were beginning to close up involuntarily. It was high time to light out and visit a friend in Redwood City for dinner, along with two of our best Hong Kong buddies. I even managed to patch in a call with my wife and Destroyer, before eating a bowl of pasta as big as my head. Then back to the hotel room to read more of a Zatopek biography, and thus to bed. Inspired, perhaps, I run 10 mike’s tomorrow. 

    Double bedtime

    Tonight I put both children to bed; I tried to avoid it by going out to the track for a run first, but my wife had cunningly kept Destroyer and La Serpiente awake so when I got in at 8:20, they were still ready and raring to go. La Serpiente got four books before bedtime, then flopped around for twenty five minutes. It was only fair that she’d struggle to find her way to sleep though, because her sister was blaring like a fire alarm next door. On the other hand, her taste in literature tonight left a lot to be desired. I’ll start her on Tolstoy tomorrow, I suppose.

    I went into Destroyer’s room, allowing my wife to escape, and had a relaxing ten minutes where Destroyer screamed at me before her battery went flat. At least tonight she wasn’t angrily lashing out and headbutting the chest of drawers, and I think that made it easier for her to sleep.

    That done, and a late dinner stuffed down my craw, I went back to the office to pick up the laptop and clothes that I hadn’t gone running with, and then came home, fairly exhausted and ready for bed.
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    Half asleep in Singapore

    Predictably, after yesterday I was a complete wreck. My legs weren’t that sore (hooray for compression socks) but the rest of me was devoid of energy. Somehow I managed to transport La Serpiente to school on the bus, laden down with all her paraphernalia, and then caught another bus to the office, just avoiding getting soaked in a sudden downpour.
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    Leaving so soon?

    Today is my last official day with my current employer. I say last official day because I’ve had a week of holiday at the end, so instead of spending time in the office deleting emails and rearranging pencils on my desk, I’ve been living it up in the Maritimes. Although it’s been chucking it down with rain all day today, which has rather crimped my ability to celebrate.
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    Back quickly

    All day long I was blowing my nose, a series of increasingly ridiculous trumpeting noises and an ever-worsening amount of snot, until at twenty past six I slunk home, too tired (after a 3:30 reveille from La Serpiente) to be able to do any more. Arriving home before 6:45 was good, because I got to attend dinner with my children, and in turn that seemed to lead to La Serpiente not wigging out at me, and then going to bed efficiently.
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