The long Monday after the hard weekend

Today was my first day without booze since Thursday. I felt dreadful. Bloated, nauseous, foul smells emanating from my body as I walked La Serpiente to school. (Well, I walked, she hooned off on her scooter and waited for me at various points on the footpath, I assume calculated to be the most derisory.) After I had dropped her off and failed to unlock three different obikes, I went to the station and very carefully chosen the train going in the wrong direction, only realising after three stops that the reason the carriage was so spacious and I had a seat to sit on was because every single person was travelling in the other direction, and worse, that was the way I’d be having to go too. So, a good case for buying a coffee machine and installing it at home.
How I managed to appear competent at work I do not know, but that’s life skills for you. I had an interesting discussion about the longevity of Pakistani fast bowlers (not very long, it turns out, unless you really make the effort not to try too hard, an echo of Juan Fangio’s maxim to win at the slowest speed possible) and, later, ate some ice cream, which I regret, but not as much as $70 of beer at the celebratory dinner last night.

I put the girls down to sleep tonight. They wriggled and fidgeted and then La Serpiente sparked out, but Destroyer took longer. Part of this was because she had her blanket underneath her, and she was trying to get it on top of her, and instead of rolling over, she was trying to give herself an enormous wedgie, tugging on it with both hands. Oh, my dear sweet child…

Since La Serpiente falls asleep in seconds when she’s not had a nap (and she has had a swimming lesson and a full day of school) and since Destroyer is just happy to have somebody else in her bed and will wave her arms and quietly gibber for an hour or two, bedtime was remarkably efficient tonight, allowing me to steal out to the climbing wall for 45 minutes. They’ve changed a lot of the problems around, so now there’s new ones I can’t do, although again, things I struggled with before now seem easy, so I’ve got that going for me. Three days of climbing in a row was possibly a bit much though. I’ll give it a rest until the weekend.

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