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Month: April 2013

  • Fatlegged and heavy headed

    The efficiency of London lasted until I got to the office. My taxi deposited me outside my hotel at 7 in the morning, and after I’d dropped off my luggage it was a five minute saunter to where I’d be working. But at 7:05 a.m. there was no receptionist capable of issuing me a pass, […]

  • Returning to the old world

    For a change, the flight from Singapore was uncomfortably hot, rather than uncomfortably cold, for the first three hours. Then it switched back to freezing cold for the remainder of the flight. Blessed are we that travel with zip-off trousers. When it’s too hot to wear both trousers and knee-length compression socks, you just remove […]

  • Taxiing to takeoff

    Late tonight I’ve got a flight from Singapore to London, and because everyone knows it’s not good to mix alcohol with air travel, I started drinking about 3pm.

  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3 has basically the same plot as the first two Iron Man films; Tony Stark, the lone good industrialist, vs evil businessmen. Unlike the first Iron Man film, it doesn’t have the baggage of supplying an origin story. Unlike the second Iron Man film, it doesn’t have many more surprises available in the […]

  • Singapore Slinged

    The Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel smells of two poisonous things; disappointment, and rotting peanuts. Whereas yesterday we ate cucumber sandwiches in the rarefied air of the Tiffin Room, today we went to drink Singapore Slings, in the company of a mass of tourists who were only at the Long Bar because they’d been […]

  • Eating like a bird

    Afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel is something of an institution, and now I’ve been institutionalised.

  • How long till Chrismas?

    I awoke at five this morning, my left arm completely numb from where I’d lain on it all night. I was filled with utter terror at the thought I might never recover feeling in the limb. Late at night or early in the morning come deep and existential fears to haunt us. For me, it […]

  • More gin

    I had an early lunch today with a couple of colleagues, and on the way back to the office stopped to look through the window of a restaurant I’d never been into. The owner saw us and rushed out to encourage us to come in and check the place out. This was despite it being […]

  • Coffee

    Starbucks, that world-renowned purveyor of steamed milk with a dab of coffee in it, are forever tweaking the beverages they offer, in the hope the variety will addle your brain and make you pay to drink more of them. They even surreptitiously changed from “coffee” to “hand-crafted beverage”. Whether that was because some cynics didn’t […]

  • Slight after effects

    Alcoholic drinks probably aren’t the best carb-loading material. Still, I only had three beers last night, and though I felt grotty at six in the morning, I was still capable of hauling myself out of bed and running ten miles. If I can get a bit of consistency in the next month, I might not […]