August, 2013 -

Month: August 2013

  • Worn down, worn out

    At nine, I awoke, at least technically. While I emerged from the bed and moved around the apartment, gathering breakfast and rearranging dirty cutlery, it was little more than a facsimile of a fugue state, a poor photocopy of a somnambulist’s wanderings. I was exhausted, that bone-deep fatigue that robs you of any hope that […]

  • Any joy with that?

    I was called across the office today to arbitrate a point of English. Somebody had received an email about a fairly monotonous task they’d been attempting, asking "did you have any joy with that?" I looked at the email. I looked back at the lady asking me about the email. I asked what was the […]

  • Struggling with email

    There was a concert in the square beneath our apartment this evening. It started at around 6:30 and concluded at 10:30. I think it was a concert, but it could have been the first ever commercial spaceship full of Chinese tourists, preparing for launch into outer space; incredibly loud, with a myriad of flashing lights […]

  • Out and about

    This morning we had a visit to the opthalmologist. After that, I dispatched wife and baby to retrieve the stroller, which was now fully repaired, and I went back to the office, still struggling with my blurry vision. I’m still not sure if it’s the drugs, the backpain or the sleep deprivation that’s sending my […]

  • A Day Out

    Miraculously, my back pain had cleared up by this morning, so my flight to Kuala Lumpur wasn’t an agonising experience, trying to cram myself into a poky seat for an hour. At ten o’clock in the morning, the arrival hall at KL LCCT was rather crowded, and although there was a queue of people lined […]

  • Backing up

    My back didn’t miraculously improve overnight, so I trudged over to the doctor’s, in hope of a referral to a physio. Instead, I got two different kinds of muscle relaxants, and then I went home, where by the twin miracles of telecommuting and working for a company that allows that, I managed to do all […]

  • Pain in the back

    I’ve strained a muscle in my back and every time I move or breathe or think, I get a lancing pain, as though somebody is stabbing me under my shoulder blade. This is not much fun, as moving, breathing and thinking are some of my favorite pastimes.

  • Why Me?

    Why Me? is the fifth Dortmunder novel, after The Hot Rock, Bank Shot, Jimmy The Kid and Nobody’s Perfect. In any long series of books, you need to have more than one volume to bring in fresh readers. If you make every previous book absolutely necessary for the comprehension of the next, eventually attrition of […]

  • Shots

    This morning we took our child to get immunized. I never would have thought that two months after being born, my daughter would be doing shots in the same room as me, but clearly like father, like daughter. Lucky it wasn’t tequila. [more]

  • Liquids

    This morning we had another smoothie, although I failed to collect photographic evidence. This time we used a mango, a punnet of blueberries, a banana, half a packet of spinach and some yoghurt. Blended together, that gets you a gruesome grey liquid, speckled with unhappy looking black dots, but it tasted absolutely fine. As long […]