December, 2013 -

Month: December 2013

  • Nighty night

    Since our child is sleeping more now, and as there’s not much point in getting married and then sleeping alone, I slept in the marital bed last night, rather than skulk in the spare room. Or at least I tried to sleep.

  • Feeding & Sleeping

    Today, I was reading about baby-led weaning. Instead of providing your child with pureed mush, you give them pieces of proper food to eat. This is meant to help them learn how to eat properly, and encourage manual dexterity as instead of being spoonfed, they have to get the food into their mouths independently. Now, […]

  • 50 km done

    Back in October, I set out several resolutions to try to follow for the last quarter of the year. One of them was to be running 50 kilometres per week by the end of 2013. Last week I ran 4.68 kilometres. That’s not generally known as having a good base of aerobic fitness. Since this […]

  • Should your kids be up this late?

    I don’t like running at night. It usually means I failed to get out of bed early enough to do my run in the morning, which in turn means I’ve been vacillating and procrastinating and lacking the benefit of an early run all day. I don’t get back in time to have dinner at a […]

  • Ssssh

    Now that our daughter is six months and two days old, we’ve begun to try to train her to sleep. This is a enjoyable and calming experience, especially if you like the sound of constant wailing.

  • New bed

    Today, I built Felicity’s new bed.

  • Christmas

    We got up at eight this morning; Felicity had been pretty compliant in the night and allowed us to get some sleep before her six-month-a-versary. My wife had decided to make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but due to an unfortunately complicated recipe, we’d failed to prepare the yeast properly last night and the dough […]

  • Dreams and fluffy octopuses

    Last night I slept a solid seven and a half hours, probably helped by being brain numbingly exhausted after only getting an hour’s sleep the night before. I woke from an upsetting dream about drowning in mud, and went out for another half hour run. This time it was much later, so I encountered runners, […]

  • 2013 Christmas Video

  • A regrettably early start

    When I went to bed last night, I did worry that I might struggle to get to sleep. I didn’t have any inkling that I’d be wide awake until four in the morning. If I’d told anyone this today, they probably would have shrugged and remarked on how new children invariably lead to sleepless nights, […]