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Month: February 2014

  • Running between things

    This morning I went out and put in a hard run; I had an invite to a track session last night and couldn’t make it, so I tried doing it on my own around Marina Bay. Afterwards, I was quite glad not to have been at the track.

  • Slapstick

    Today I chaired a conference on Big Data. "Big Data" is one of those slightly amorphous concepts that may be designed to persuade you to buy lots of expensive database software, or it may describe an approach where you handle vast amounts of unstructured data in innovative ways, or it may mean nothing much at […]

  • The Disappearing Spoon

    I’ve just finished reading The Disappearing Spoon, a book by Sam Kean about the periodic table. It’s a fun read, including such characters as the radioactive Boy Scout, David Hahn, amusing similes (a rhodium catalyst interacting with other molecules "like two obese animals trying to have sex") and the strangeness of things like the Bose-Einstein […]

  • Eight months in

    My calves were still sore this morning; something of a record, as usually I only suffer for two days after any fierce bout of running. I did 4 km easily and got home just as Felicity was waking up to the eighth month anniversary of being born. I’d like to say we did something special […]

  • Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

    For my first post I thought a nice cookie recipe would be the right way to go. My husband is British and he has given me the impression that all Brits require dessert after every lunch and dinner for a meal to be complete. Now I have been remiss in providing my husband with the […]

  • A sad Monday

    There’s a haze settling over Singapore at the moment, possibly the result of forest fires in Indonesia. It’s not rained properly so far this year, just a desultory shower a couple of weeks ago, and as the grass yellows, the air gets slightly tacky and funny-tasting. I didn’t do much at the office today; I […]

  • A musical interlude

    Our friend Guy was in town this weekend, having flown over from San Francisco, stopping to retrieve an acquaintance from Hong Kong before flying over to us. We met him last night at a Ukulele Girls gig in the Esplanade Theatre. There are multiple places to see live music there; there’s an open air stage […]

  • The devil makes work for idle legs

    Yesterday, bored, I decided to jump as high as I could in the air, while walking around the office. This made for a more interesting afternoon, what with trying to avoid landing on people, clashing with light fixtures, and spilling drinks. I fondly imagine this will be good for developing strength, but as there’s no […]

  • Flutes

    Out for dinner for a second time this week: this may be the end of me, a succession of heavyweight dinners when I should be concentrating on eating healthily to aid my running addiction. Tonight we went to Flutes, a restaurant in the National Museum of Singapore, itself a short walk up from the river.

  • The joy of socks

    Today I bought a pair of socks on Groupon, for forty dollars. Yeah, I love the bargains, that’s right.