March, 2014 -

Month: March 2014

  • In transit

    When I got into the taxi (silver Mercedes, arrived 15 minutes early) the driver asked me if I wanted him to change the station on the radio. I declined: it was too early in the morning to make decisions like that. I should have asked him to turn it off. At 5:15 in the morning, […]

  • Discombobulated

    In about seven hours, a taxi will pick me up from my parents’ house in the suburbs of South London, and then deposit me at Heathrow, where I’ll be processed through check in and bag drop and security and departure lounge and airplane, and then probably end up in Miami International Airport. I haven’t been […]

  • Head in the clouds

    Flying back, jammed into the middle of the 51st row of a BA 747 with a malfunctioning in flight entertainment system, I fell to sleep soon after we departed Changi, waking six hours later as we flew through rough air somewhere above one ‘stan or another.

  • Terminal Ennui

    I caught the slowest taxi in Singapore to get to the airport tonight. Usually travelling out along the road to Changi is terrifying, as each driver seems intent on reenacting the final assault on the Death Star from Star Wars, but tonight my driver trundled all the way there at a sluggish 80 km/h, his […]

  • Lucha Loco

    This evening, after having parked our child for the night, we skipped out to Duxton Hill to meet friends for dinner. Back home, under the watchful eye of a babysitter, La Serpiente Negra slumbered. We went to Lucha Loco, a Mexican restaurant, to eat tacos and for me to prep myself for the travel ahead […]

  • Sweet Tooth and Sag Harbor

    I read two books over the last seven days, Sweet Tooth, by Ian McEwan, and Sag Harbor, by Colson Whitehead. The former is a multiple Booker nominee, specialising in short, excruciatingly depressing books with grim endings – an Anglicised Haruki Marukami, perhaps. The latter I first encountered via Harper’s, and is the mindbogglingly verbose reason […]

  • Back pain

    I didn’t sleep at all well last night because of a muscle I’d tweaked in my back, which turned rapidly into an agonizing knot, painful at any angle. This morning I loaded up on the same painkillers as the last time this happened, huge chalky horsepills of paracetamol and extra special ingredients, all the better […]

  • Utter defeat

    I’m at a loss as to what happened tonight. La Serpienta Negra was quite angry again (another day where she willfully avoided napping and then found herself tired and emotional by evening time) but after a bath, a bottle of milk and one of the darkest chapters of Declare, she went to sleep. I put […]

  • Out in the dark

    I had a really sore back this afternoon, and when I got home a very angry child, in full red alert mode when she got her bath. She hadn’t slept all afternoon and was disgusted with the world, but that meant she was so tired that after some milk and hardly a chapter of Declare […]

  • A sore point

    Tired from yesterday’s run, I went out this morning to put a few miles in, just to get my weekly distance back up to where it should be meaningful again. I’m travelling for the first week of April and will probably not get any exercise, so this might compensate a little. There was an orienteering […]