September, 2014 -

Month: September 2014

  • A little bit of evening culture

    Today my legs were still sore from running MacRitchie at the weekend, so instead of going for a run after work I went home, and put my wallet down in the wrong place in the apartment, and then spent an hour looking for it, while my wife watched Sherlock on TV and I mumbled about […]

  • Awake and struggling

    Today I was on baby duty in the evening, as my wife was fairly exhausted by an action-packed day of baby wrangling. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra started yelling about half an hour after we put her down to bed, so I went in, picked her up and rocked her back to sleep, then went back […]

  • Early morning runs and the hypocrisy of taxi drivers

    Instead of going to bed on time, I stayed up late watching rubbish on the internet, which meant when the alarm went at 6:30 I snoozed it, and struggled to be out of the door before 7:30. Still, I got a taxi easily enough and got to MacRitchie Reservoir super quick, and super cheaply: usually […]

  • Big Day Out

    This morning I got up from the sofa at 6am and went down to East Coast Park to help out with the Parkrun. I had the glamourous duty of being the backmarker, running behind everyone else to make sure nobody got lost or left behind. As it turned out, I missed three ladies that had […]

  • Penguins

    Sean Hughes’ latest show (Penguins*) appeared on DVD in ny mailbox this week, so this evening, after we’d gone out for a burrito and La Serpiente Aquatica Negra had spread a bowl of rice and beans over my trousers, we settled down to watch it.

  • A race, interrupted

    After a rather long day, I rushed back home to read to my daughter about giant demonic woodlice, and then watch some motorcycling.

  • Oranges Are Not Good For You

    I seem to have injured myself by eating an orange. I felt fine until about four-thirty this afternoon, when I ate the orange, after which I’ve been wracked with abdominal pain. Too low to be something in my stomach, it feels like I must have inadvertently stabbed myself while slicing the orange open, but in […]

  • Adler’s Hostel

    In dire need of ice cream, I slunk out of the flat at 8pm, almost took a wrong turn and fell 21 floors to my certain doom, but luckily checked myself before I wrecked myself, and took the lift down instead. Then I walked up South Bridge Road to Adler’s, a hostel in the middle […]

  • Doesn’t get out much

    Today I failed to leave the office between when I arrived at work and when I finished this evening, and that was bad, because it meant I got hardly any exercise all day, my Fitbit displaying a paltry single blob of light at 6pm, signifying that I’d done less than 2,400 steps today, and that […]

  • Strangely brutal

    Tonight was a strangely brutal track session. I’d slept well last night, I’d eaten sensibly all day, I should have been fully recovered from Saturday’s race, but I got to the track feeling tired before I’d even started. Leaden legs are a clear indicator of overtraining, but today’s exertions had been limited to sitting at […]

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