November, 2014 -

Month: November 2014

  • Arriving in Seattle

    When we got off the plane in Seattle, I was a bit wrecked. I’d maybe had three hours sleep, and I was tired, confused and deaf in my right ear. And we were two hours late. On the positive side, I’d watched lots of movies. On the negative, one of those was Draft Day, an […]

  • Escape from Asia

    It’s been a long day. At 3:30 this morning my alarm went off, and I hauled myself off the sofa and collected together the rest of the family and our luggage, and then we all went down to the car park to get in the taxi my wife had booked. A taxi that couldn’t get […]

  • It wasn’t the cough that carried her off

    My wife dispatched me to the office today with a dozen peppermint chocolate cookies and a dozen ginger nuts. This was only a small fraction of how much she baked last night, but at least by taking them to work and spreading them amongst my coworkers I reduced my overall biscuit consumption.

  • Zonked

    My wife and I both passed out in the living room this evening, exhausted from the day. We’d kept La Serpiente Aquatica Negra up until 7:30 tonight before giving her a bath and putting her to bed: until then she’d been quite happily running to and fro in the apartment, alternately eating broccoli casserole and […]

  • Back at the track

    Coming down with hand foot and mouth meant I didn’t get to exercise for eight entire days, and I could feel myself getting grumpier as time went on, so I was glad to get back to the track. However, the rain today sapped my mood a bit, and I’m feeling a little under the weather: […]

  • Everyone’s a winner

    "Duran Duran." "The Groover from Vancouver is Bryan Adams." "Cats." "Errol Brown was the lead singer of Hot Chocolate." I arrived at the pub quiz five minutes late, having rushed as fast as I could from Chinatown. The first round was almost over when I sat down at the table, and added seven answers to […]

  • Rainy Monday

    Rainy season has returned to Singapore. Today I looked out the office window and the building where I live, four streets away, was invisible behind a wall of rain. It poured down, from just after midday until four in the afternoon, and if it wasn’t so cold in the office I’d have felt quite cosy […]

  • A short break

    I’m missing being able to run. Although my hands and feet don’t hurt any more, I have some revolting purple blotches on my toes and the continued lethargy means going for a run around MacRitchie is quite out of the question. Having not done any exercise, my legs are beginning to ache. Or perhaps that […]

  • At End Of Day

    Today I read At End Of Day, George V Higgins’ final novel. At its simplest, this is a story of two Boston gangsters, conspiring with members of the FBI to put other criminals in jail while continuing their own operations. Like other Higgins novels I’ve read, that bare synopsis does it no justice; there’s a […]

  • Head, Shoulders, Foot & Mouth

    Today the doctor laughed at me. I didn’t find it so amusing. After half an hour in the waiting room, with our daughter doing continuous laps of honour, we went in to see him. He asked how we were, I explained about having a high fever on Monday, and feeling drained, and the blisters on […]