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Month: June 2015

  • A new child

    I’m beginning to suspect La Serpiente Aquatica Negra is clairvoyant. At about 4 this morning, she woke up and started calling for her mother and her father. I tried to sleep; my wife got up, went into her bedroom to console her, and then her waters broke. So, rather than going into hospital on Canada […]

  • Looking for some balance

    It’s always hard to stay fit while juggling the demands of young children and work. Last night I didn’t sleep very well, ending up stuck to the vinyl covering of the sofa in the living room, and then almost keeled over walking to work. Well, I was carrying both my laptop (Dell have done well […]

  • Exercises

    Yesterday I decided that I’d start doing some more regular Pilates exercises to keep some modicum of fitness in the weeks ahead, while I’m distracted by the arrival of a new child and the ongoing maintenance of the existing one. I’ve got a book of Pilates matwork exercises that I bought in the bookshop in […]

  • No shit

    Walking back from our last pre-childbirth breakfast at Ronin, we passed this sign in the alleyway. It’s an interesting mixture of the formal (urinate) and the profane (shit) as well as a mixture of English, Chinese and low-quality clip art images of dogs. It’s also quite polite; I’m always glad when a sign says "please". […]

  • Looking for some recommendations

    This morning, my daughter celebrated being two years and three hours old by yelling and screaming until I went in to see her. I carefully explained that at two a.m. I wasn’t going to be lifting her out of her cot, and she raged for a while before saying "Daddy out" at which point I […]

  • Proper birthday

    La Serpiente Aquatica Negra slept through the night and woke at the fairly pleasant time of 6:30 this morning, at which point I scooped her out of her cot and brought her into our bedroom, along with her bottle of milk. I had calls in the office from 8 this morning, so rather than trying […]

  • How To Peel An Avocado And Other Dangerous Pastimes

    This evening I stabbed myself with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, the end of the knife is properly blunt from all the abuse we’ve meted out to it over the last couple of years, so I didn’t draw blood, but did have a paroxysm of swearing in the kitchen while my wife was putting our daughter […]

  • Little Miss Something

    Recently we acquired some of Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men and Little Miss books. The content is a bit troubling. I don’t mean that we picked up Mr White Supremacist or Little Miss Internet Troll, but the values and judgments implicit in the books are not really what I want my child to grow up with.

  • The Party Doesn’t Stop

    This evening I had a work call at nine. However, some strange quirk of my computer, or my home internet connection, or Google Hangouts, or Mondays, or some strange combination of them, meant that although everyone else on the call could see and hear me, I couldn’t see or hear them. This does lead to […]

  • Early birthday

    It’s La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s second birthday on Thursday, but as her sibling could make an appearance any time now, we thought it best to schedule the party for this weekend. Also, she’s been chanting “happy birthday” for days now, so there was a demand we had to appease.