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Month: July 2015

  • Mission Impossible: Rogue State

    We watched the latest Mission Impossible film in Imax, in the third row from the screen, in a freezing cold theatre. I can’t recommend this. You’ll put your neck out, and in close-up Imax format you’ll spend more time remarking to yourself on how Jeremy Renner looks like a potato, it appears Alec Baldwin’s head […]

  • Happy Anniversary

    Today was our fourth wedding anniversary. I’d planned carefully for this; or rather, the last time I was in Hong Kong, in between accidentally smacking my daughter’s head into a ceiling and getting on a plane, I remembered to buy my wife a present. A present I managed to hide in my sock drawer for […]

  • Spinning, pumping, etc

    I had another spinning class today. I also had about 5 hours sleep (La Serpiente woke up just after midnight and kicked off) so I wasn’t expecting to do very well. It was another hard class – lots of standing up and constantly being exhorted to up the resistance on the bike while pedalling much […]

  • Tummy time

    Because we’re disorganised parents and have to pander to our firstborn, we don’t get as many opportunities to inflict tummy time on Butterball Destroyer. For the non-parents among you, or those of you whose youngest children are more than a year old so you’ve had time to forget all about it, tummy time is when […]

  • After the storm

    We were broken by the kids this morning. La Serpiente went on a milk run about four a.m. and I didn’t have the willpower to stop her, and then she didn’t want to return to her bed, and then Butterball Destroyer started emitting her best impression of an air raid siren, so I took her […]

  • Games Night

    This evening, we had friends round to play board games. Unfortunately, we’d been to a party in the afternoon and La Serpiente had gone loopy after eating a couple of blue M&Ms. (We put this down to a reaction to sugar, or colourings, or something, and if she ate sweets more often, maybe she’d be […]

  • Marathon simulation

    After more than half a year, somebody else agreed with me that Matt Fitzgerald’s concept of a marathon simulation is a little unclear in 80/20 Running. Here’s an attempt to add some clarity: (although as this is the opinion of a Person On The Internet, you may take it with as much of a pinch […]

  • Disturbed in the night

    Again last night I didn’t sleep well. At one point, drifting in and out of consciousness I heard a rasping whisper call my name. Instantly, I was fully awake, scared out of my wits. The building is only five years old, it shouldn’t be haunted already. And it wasn’t a Singaporean accent (then it would […]

  • A hard day and a good day

    Today was a hard day. I got to bed about 12:30 this morning, and woke up at 3 to the sounds of children complaining, and couldn’t sleep after that until 6. I got some emails done during that time, but productivity is not greater than sleep. Ah well. I also cancelled my spinning class for […]

  • Not sleeping

    Butterball Destroyer is getting fed by a bottle at the moment, and just like her father she’s a fast eater; she’ll drain 80ml in a few minutes, shudder slightly and then be wide awake. (On the breast she was more easily pacified, for want of a better word – slumber came much more easily.) As […]