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Month: October 2015

  • Running from the Bungletruck

    I got the bike out of the bomb shelter last night and pumped up the tyres, so I’d be able to ride down to the parkrun (assuming that the good weather would hold). This activated La Serpiente’s Anti-Racing senses, so at about midnight she kicked off and yelled at us for an hour, assuming this […]

  • Swings

    I didn’t sleep at all well last night, probably because of my late night phone call, so after getting five hours rest I went to work feeling a little fragile. I didn’t so much wake up this morning as feel that I was attending my own wake. This wasn’t good preparation for today, which I […]

  • A second spin cycle

    I went back to spinning again today, after a lacklustre session yesterday where I didn’t manage to put much power down. Inbetweenwhiles I’d read an interesting bit of research showing that participants in spin classes tend to exceed their VO2max. Which is to say that there’s little point on just clambering on a spin cycle […]

  • Clearing the air

    I was rather surprised this morning when I found that instead of having back to back calls from 7:30 until midday, almost all my meetings had been cancelled. Rather than be on the phone from home from the moment I got out of bed until lunchtime, I could have breakfast at a sensible hour and […]

  • Gaston

    Gaston is a book about a French bulldog, that I chose for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra when we were at the library this week. It wasn’t that she particularly likes the French or dogs, more that I located a book of the right size and shape, and, not knowing what it contained, added it to […]

  • Uphill slog

    Another week of haziness looms, with again little chance to exercise. What’s worse on a Monday is that now the clocks have gone back in the UK, the 2pm meeting I have with London is now a 10pm call in Singapore. Undaunted, or rather unaware until I checked at 8:55 and realised my meeting was […]

  • Things I learned this week

    This pelican is something every parent should have. My wife ordered this large bird-shaped jug from an American website a few weeks ago, and I thought she had lost her mind in buying effigies of cute animals. But it turns out to be really great. In the past, we’ve used an old plastic jam jar […]

  • Drunk again

    We dosed up La Serpiente with medicine yesterday, and then she wheezed at us all night, until 4 am when she stopped sneezing and we then worried about whether she was breathing at all or not. Suffice it to say, today was hard work.in the morning, we played our kids Peppa Pig videos and I […]

  • A bad end to the week

    La Serpiente was up half the night coughing, so instead of going to school this morning I took her to the doctor to get her checked up. The haze is starting to make her wheeze as well as cough and have a runny nose, so I ended up with a small pile of medicine for […]

  • Tired out

    Because I didn’t get to sleep on the flight back from Haneda (middle seat, no way to get comfortable, and missing my neck pillow) I had an interesting day. I went spinning at lunchtime, partly so I could get a shower, but also because I thought might get an energy boost from working out. Instead, […]