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Month: October 2015

  • Nearly Death Experiences

    I’ve really enjoyed my time in Tokyo this time around. Last time I was in an awful grump, but thenm I was also in an awful hotel at the bottom of Roppongi. This time I’m in a slightly nicer hotel: there’s a bath (which I criminally failed to utilise during my stay) and the bed […]

  • Confused and on the cheap in Tokyo

    I’m struggling with time zones a bit. I know this, because I just got an email from Oracle inviting me to a business breakfast at the Gherkin, and the first thing that crossed my mind wasn’t why can’t anyone call 1 Bishopsgate by its proper name?” but “cor, I think I’ll pop down for that” […]

  • Pumpkins and long walks in Tokyo

    My elder daughter would love Tokyo right now. Because it’s Halloween in less than two weeks, it seems as though everything in Roppongi is festooned with plastic orange pumpkins. Whether it’s the shady bars like Wall Street and Joker, or the lobby of my hotel, grinning pumpkins stare out everywhere. La Serpiente loves pumpkins, or […]

  • What I learned this weekend

    Your children will trample on your dreams. Literally. Don’t expect a hipster hairdresser to be on time, or anything to do with time at all.Because I look like this, my wife demanded I do something about the increasing invisibility of my mouth behind a hedge of facial hair. Desperate to get this sorted out, she […]

  • Don’t stop dreaming

    At three this morning I was woken from a frankly magnificent dream, a full cinematic number, full of exciting espionage, doublecrossing, palpable foreboding and amazing set pieces, as an escapee from a KGB bordello fled across Mexico and Siberia before being persuaded to turn into a double agent. It had all the elements required for […]

  • Addicted to Township

    My wife, in a vindictive moment, suggested that I should try playing Township. Township is a casual game you play on the phone where you manage a farm, growing wheat, milking cows, and …. … and five hours later I recovered consciousness, after spending the intervening time tapping on the screen of my phone and […]

  • The Road To Ruin

    Tonight I finished reading The Road To Ruin, which I assumed was the last Dortmunder novel Donald Westlake ever wrote, but was actually succeeded by three more. While not a classic on par with his earlier work, it was still a pleasant diversion.

  • Parasites Like Us

    I finished Parasites Like Us at fifteen minutes past midnight this morning, and, after reading a book where the whole world perishes from some kind of bird/swine flu, in some show of irony I now can’t stop sneezing.

  • A stone’s throw and some grain

    I had two bits of paper in my mailbox today – a letter from the bank, and an advert for a new housing development, “a stone’s throw from the CBD and Orchard Road”. The CBD in Singapore is here. Orchard Road is here. The new housing development is here. I can only assume they throw […]

  • Magic Mike XXL

    So tonight, after we settled the kids to bed, what better way to relax than watching two hours of male entertainers taking their clothes off and writhing on floors, furniture and ladies? Nothing that I can think of.