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Month: October 2015

  • What I learned this weekend

    The haze lingered in Singapore and so again, we didn’t do much today. So opportunities for learning were rather minimised. Even so: Compression tights are not a universal panacea. Despite wearing compression gear after going spinning yesterday, and during my ill-advised ten mile run, and for most of today, my calves are still sore and […]

  • Thrice overtrained

    After I wrote last night’s entry, Destroyer gave me about 20 minutes of time to myself before waking up. Between that and La Serpiente waking up at midnight and wanting to lie on me and headbutt my larynx, I didn’t get much sleep today, but I’d booked myself in for a spin class at 9 […]

  • Trigger Warning: Love You Forever

    Tonight, as usual, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra selected three books for me to read to her while she sat on my lap before she went to bed. The first was about Peppa Pig playing football and the third I can’t remember, because the second was the titanic misery fest that is Robert Munsch’s Love You […]

  • Incapacitated

    Tonight my wife went out on the town, leaving me with the kids. This wasn’t too bad as it only took me two and a half hours to get Destroyer to go to sleep, leaving me the rest of the evening (from 11pm onward) to relax.

  • Fast on the draw

    At last night’s Al Murray show, at one point he got out a camera and took a photo of the crowd – I suppose that counts as cultural sensitivity, as that’s what every single person in Singapore does all the time. Well, almost. As I was in the third row from the front next to […]

  • Al Murray in Singapore

    This evening, the wife and I abandoned the kids to our babysitter and went to the NUS Cultural Centre, to see Al Murray. I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to watch a strange facsimile of an irate Little Englander pub landlord ranting away, than in the terribly-clean and polite surroundings of the Cultural […]

  • I love meetings

    “You won’t need a mask tonight” my wife said, ever the optimist. Against the best advice of my watch, I was going out for another ascent of the stairs at the Pinnacle, trying to snatch a few moments of exercise at the end of another sedentary day. This had been moat costly in terms of […]

  • Recovery Time: 42 Hours and hazy

    This evening, in between eating tofu marinaded in orange sauce and Mexican rice, and catching up on work emails, I tried searching the web for “exercise while wearing N95 mask” because if I carry on getting one run a month I’m going to go crazy. Eventually, I ended up on this page which had some […]


    “You’re a burrito” he said. “Is this one of those racist metaphors about food? Because if it is, champ, you win the prize for being unobservant – I’m Chinese American, not Mexican.” “Maybe he thought you were a small Spanish donkey.” “Thanks Nina.” “I’m not being racist” Phelps said. “For once.” “I can’t be racist, […]

  • Things I learned this weekend

    I’m trying to be more structured about what I post, so today I thought I’d write up what the key things were that I think I learned this weekend – read on for something about dinosaurs, coffee, Elmore Leonard, haze, the importance of reservations, and more about the haze.