May, 2016 -

Month: May 2016

  • Socks and early wake up calls

    I was woken this morning at 6:30 by La Serpiente, demanding that I go and lie on the floor in her room. Bless her, she did at least insist on dragging a pillow in to make it more comfortable for me to lie on. I had to explain to her (with lots of shouting and […]

  • Kallang Practice Track and other discoveries

    This evening, after getting the battery in my Garmin heart rate strap replaced (my handy optician is back from his holidays, and was sufficently un-cack-handed to be capable of unscrewing the back of the monitor and replacing the battery) I went off to the track at Kallang. This has been operational for a while now, […]

  • Constant drinking consequences

    Today we had a cooking lesson for La Serpiente. A friend of ours took us down to the Tekka Market in Little India, where she got to pick out a selection of peppers, ginger and vegetables, and look at the massed ranks of squid waiting to be bought, and then went back to cook them […]

  • Another Saturday

    This morning we had a birthday party for a three year old to attend. That involved lots of prosecco (for us, not the kids) and after a couple of hours and a few games of pass the parcel, we returned home, where I promptly passed out on the bed. I don’t blame the alcohol – […]

  • The Nice Guys

    We just got back from watching The Nice Guys, a film starring Scruffy Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, but sadly no other avian-named actors that I recognized. I was quite worried that I’d be disappointed by it, but it had me hooked throughout, and chortling out loud in the final (ridiculous) action sequence.

  • Short thoughts on nothing

    I’m a bit tired today: my Fitbit registers over 23,000 steps today, although I’m not sure how I achieved that. Perhaps it wa the yomping across Singapore for a breakfast meeting, or rushing back for lunch, or sprinting home with La Serpiente in her stroller after lunch, or the library, or going to company drinks, […]

  • Asterix The Legionary

    This evening, rather than have any of the books we borrowed from the library, La Serpiente demanded a book from the top row of her bookshelf. That’s where we put all the books that are aimed at a person who isn’t three years old; Dinosaur Poop (a book you can’t find on Amazon, curiously enough), […]

  • Screwing yourself up

    I went to my local watch-and-optician shop today to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor, but they were on holiday for a week, so I went next door and bought a battery and a set of small screwdrivers instead, resolving to do the job myself. After all, it’s just four small screws […]

  • Going round in circles

    Today, while La Serpiente was going to see her first film in an actual cinema (the apparently very good Zootopia) I took Destroyer to get weighed and measured. (It was Vesak Day in Singapore on Saturday, which meant my employer gave me Monday off, although it’s not an ‘official’ official bank holiday Monday, so the […]

  • Slightly spun around

    This afternoon I took La Serpiente to her music class. After the past few weeks of her spending the class sprinting around the room and banging on the drums without really seeming to take any notice of the teacher (or of basic syncopated rhythms, or the rest of the world) we told her that if […]