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Month: December 2016

  • Rogue One

    Yesterday my wife and I went to see Rogue One, the eighth Star Wars film (or the fourth, if you want to fit it into the Star Wars chronology). I liked it a lot more than The Force Awakens, for reasons I’ll go into below. Don’t read further if you’re trying to avoid having plot […]

  • Out with a bang

    I killed our microwave today. Or rather, I switched it on with nothing inside, and there was a flash of light, a loud pop, and the thing didn’t work any more. It had been in the family for a long time; I wrestled it up the stairs into our flat in Hong Kong in 2011, […]

  • Double bedtime

    Tonight I put both children to bed; I tried to avoid it by going out to the track for a run first, but my wife had cunningly kept Destroyer and La Serpiente awake so when I got in at 8:20, they were still ready and raring to go. La Serpiente got four books before bedtime, […]

  • And so it begins…

    Tomorrow is the start of my 14 week training plan for the Sundown Marathon in Singapore in March. This includes such joys as two hours of running scheduled for Christmas, which isn’t going to go down any better than a kilo of stale turkey and some rancid brandy butter. But tonight was my last off-schedule […]

  • Pilates Pop!

    Early this morning I got up and took La Serpiente to West Coast Park to run a 5k. Obviously that wasn’t enough for me so this lunchtime I went to the newly opened Virgin Active gym for a trial class.

  • Neat but too loud

    This morning, apart from feeling ruined from four beers and not enough sleep, was seamless. I got up, got breakfast, interviewed a candidate, checked out, got a Grab taxi to the airport. My driver pulled up in a bright green and yellow Toyota Altis. I didn’t notice until we drove off that it either had […]

  • Shabby in Bangkok

    I woke up sore this morning, had breakfast then rushed to an all day meeting – eight hours in a chilly conference room before an hour long drive in a taxi to dinner. (Probably a mile away as the crow flies. )

  • Shoe Dog

    At the airport this morning, on the way to Bangkok, I started reading Shoe Dog, Phil Knight’s memoir of founding Nike. I’m surprised that it’s more than 4 years since I read Bowerman And The Men Of Oregon, which is very much a companion piece to this. While Phil Knight was selling shoes out the […]

  • Sleep sleep sleep

    This evening I surpassed my previous exploits, by getting both of my daughters to sleep. La Serpiente was easy: standard modus operandi is to read her some books (including the unsatisfying Maisy And The Field Day) and then play her two bedtime bears. Destroyer was more difficult as she doesn’t like a parental hand on […]

  • Ewan The Dream Sheep

    This evening I managed to put Destroyer down for the night. Usually I have La Serpiente duty because I can’t feed Destroyer down, but tonight Destroyer took my hand and started to wander out of her sister’s bedroom. I don’t think she’d quite thought this through, but I walked her into her room and got […]