September, 2017 -

Month: September 2017

  • Missing out

    Staying up late and drinking isn’t part of the training regimen of most successful runners. I was meant to do 26 km this morning with a friend, and we’d arranged to meet at 5:15 so we’d be done before breakfast. I hauled myself out of bed with 4 hours sleep in me, got dressed and […]

  • A Night At The Races

    This evening we went to watch the horse racing. The races are at the Singapore Turf Club, far north near Krangj. Unfortunately our taxi driver, breaching at least one stereotype, didn’t know where the Turf Club was and drove us erratically through rush hour traffic, lurching with every lead-footed stomp on accelerator or brake, for […]

  • Locked out

    I woke up at six this morning and ignored my alarm, until my wife came and told me off and kicked me out of bed, sending me out for a run this morning. It’s fortunate she did that, because after a long day of meetings, schlepping across town and spending too long in windowless rooms, […]

  • Blue Wednesday

    I felt quite blue all afternoon today, possibly because it rained, or because I kept having coding issues, or because La Serpiente had coughed half the night and I’d had to lie in her bed to console her while she coughed at me. At least, I think I slept there. I woke up on Destroyer’s […]

  • Yet more sleep deprivation

    I couldn’t sleep last night, tossing and turning until 1am, and then woken by a crying child at 2, or at 5:30, or I don’t know quite when. I just remember waking up on Destroyer’s bed at 7:15, desperate to go back to sleep, and not being able to because I had an early morning […]

  • Brain fade

    I slept well this evening. Mainly because I fell asleep next to La Serpiente at 8:20 and didn’t wake up for an hour. I crawled groggily from her room just as my wife exited Destroyer’s room. She went to do the dishes and I fiddled around with some code where I’d spent all day failing […]

  • Another early start

    I don’t know how I dragged myself from my bed at 5 am, but somehow I managed it, and went off for a 21 km run. This became a never-ending grind; the first 10k or so wasn’t so bad, and then it got worse with every step, my heel injury playing up from about 17k […]

  • Making up for lost time

    I spent most of today at the office, which was hardly a good way to compensate my children for my absence on Thursday and Friday. I got home about 3:30 and took them for ice cream, and then to buy a new lightbulb for the kitchen, and if that wasn’t enough frolicking, we went to […]

  • Still figuring things out

    Two days later, I’m still none the wiser as to what Vietnam is. That’s partly a function of being cooped up in a hotel room or an office since I got here, my only sights of the country the occasional glances through a the windows of taxis at the outside world. I went to a […]

  • Bad Science

    At the airport bookshop yesterday, I bought a copy of Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science, which I then devoured between Singapore and Vietnam, pausing to have dinner, and then finishing in the early hours of this morning when sleep wouldn’t come. Ben Goldacre is a doctor who also wrote extensively for The Guardian, debunking various examples […]