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Month: February 2018

  • End of February

    Today after work I had my regular climbing lesson, which today consisted of a lot of climbing (as one might expect) and then to round things off a minute and a half of hanging from a pull up bar. And then one of my friends from work turned up and we climbed for another 45 […]

  • Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    I fill in surveys on the Google Rewards app, to a variable degree of veracity, and in return I get credits to spend in the Google Play Store, and so in return for sacrificing my time I got to watch Kingsmen: The Golden Circle for free. Or, in other words, I sacrificed my time in […]

  • Climbing the walls

    La Serpiente was sick today with a cough, so she spent the day driving my wife mental while I hid at work. She had recovered enough to go to her ballet class this afternoon, and to spend the evening fighting with her sister over Lego. So by 7:30, nerves were fraying and my wife was […]

  • Endure

    Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed reading Endure by Alex Hutchinson, subtitled "Mind, Body and The Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance". In this he explores various theories that have evolved over the last hundred years about what endurance and fatigue are, from the what-everyone-was-told-at-school lactic acid explanation for fatigue, through to the modern […]

  • Worn out Saturday

    This morning I had a training session at the climbing wall. I hadn’t been back to climb since Monday, when I fell over and busted my hands and my knee, and on top of that we’d stayed up until 2 this morning, rejoicing in the kids being asleep. So I hadn’t exactly prepared myself well […]

  • Zero Latency

    For a team building activity, this afternoon we went to Zero Latency, a VR play area in the mall adjacent to our offices. There we were decked out in backpacks containing computers, and put on goggles and headphones, before going for a walk inside a darkened room.

  • Not going swimming

    Because I have a great big hole in my knee, and I’m exhausted, I didn’t go swimming tonight. Instead I sent my wife in my stead, while I handled the kids and then settled down to do very little all night. I’m a high achiever, you see.

  • Bangkok Memories

    Every trip to Bangkok is the same. The train to and from Phaya Thai, the same hotel at Asoke (this was my fifth stay and so they presented me with a gift, a self-adhesive credit card holder to put on the back of my phone). The same gloomy, low ceilinged office in Central World where […]

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    I woke today, still sore from yesterday’s collision with the ground, and then went back to sleep again, only hauling myself out of bed in time to rush to get a car to the airport, and then bumble through security and reacquaint myself with exactly how horrible Starbuck’s attempt at a nitro cold brew can […]

  • A day of ups and downs

    This morning I took the empty cardboard carton that had contained our new living room lights from IKEA down to the recycling bin outside our apartment block. The wind was gusting and so when I opened the box up to unfold it, various plastic bags began to fly out. It must have been quite comical […]