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Month: February 2018

  • Climbing gets harder

    Today I had another training session at the climbing wall. Whereas the first few weeks were just concentrating on overall strength, now the emphasis shifts to climbing specific work; that means doing a series of different problems without any break, then some floor exercises like press ups and squats, and then more problems, and repeat […]

  • The Indoor Climbing Manual

    I picked this up from the library at the weekend, an attractive large format softback book with plenty of illustrations, and also several chapters on top-roped climbing, which I skipped completely because bouldering is where it’s at.

  • Well travelled

    I’m applying for Global Entry, to make it easier to get through queues at American airports, even though I find the concept of throwing money at problems like this somewhat objectionable. (I tend to think airport immigration should be uniformly inconvenient for everyone (except kids and the elderly and handicapped; they have a greater claim […]

  • Sammy and the Pecan Pie

    Sammy and the Pecan Pie

    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People had such effective sales that they launched a children’s edition, 7 Habits of Happy Kids, on the back of it. When I saw the fourth part of this on the shelf in the Toa Payoh Public Library, I figured it was time to upgrade my kids.

  • Altered Carbon – the TV series

    Last night we watched the first episode of Altered Carbon. Netflix have released all ten episodes at once so we could have binge watched, but I had to be helping at a race this morning so staying up until 7am wasn’t going to be a good move. Instead, I watched the first episode, spent some […]

  • On my head

    Today I went to work in a 23 year old Motorhead tshirt and a pair of shorts, forgetting I had to go out for a client meeting today. In fact, a meeting at my old employer’s office, where I used to be suited and booted every day, and instead arrived looking like a badly dressed […]

  • Swimming Lesson #20

    Swimming Lesson #20

    Today we videoed my freestyle, so for the first time I can see what I’ve been doing. I regret that we didn’t record what I looked like on my first lesson, but then I’m not sure watching me freak out at the idea of submerging my face would have been so enjoyable. Well, enjoyable for […]