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Month: June 2018

  • Seven Bays and seventeen year olds

    This morning I went to Seven Bays Bouldering, a climbing gym in Halifax on Gottingen Street, to climb with the teenage son of one of our friends from Dartmouth. Just like when I went to Dogpatch in San Francisco, the difficulty curve is super steep – there are a few almost derisorily easy routes, and […]

  • On and on and on

    Today I borrowed a red Toyota Prius-C and drove it a couple of hundred kilometres. It’s an acceptable car for driving long distances on a freeway; the soundproofing isn’t great, but it’s got cruise control (surprising on such a small car) and the fuel consumption is incredibly frugal, even when we were chugging along at […]

  • A sunny day in Halifax

    We got up early and took the first ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax. In my dreams. As usual, a lot of lollygagging went on, so much so that a 9:30 planned start meant sprinting to make the 11:30 sailing of the ferry, but after that we could deposit the kids in a play area shaped […]

  • Ocean’s 8

    After putting the kids to bed, we drove out to Dartmouth Crossing, a retail park a few miles away from where we’re staying, where we always try to catch a film during our visit. Memorable previous distractions: Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Tonight we’d watch another retread of Ocean’s Eleven – […]

  • The Wallcreeper

    I finished The Wallcreeper, sold to me alongside Mislaid, feeling a little disappointed, although the fault may have been more with me than the book.

  • Fifth birthday

    Today was La Serpiente’s fifth birthday, so after opening presents from my parents and sister, we took her and Destroyer out to Halifax. We had breakfast at Jacky’s Cafe, a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall, then had four happy hours in the Discovery Centre down by the waterside. The Discovery Centre has […]

  • Peggy’s Cove, cankles and meat

    I woke up this morning with a fuzzy head and no ankles. My legs had swollen so much on the flight they were just sausage shapes from knee to toe. This is possibly good for my feet, otherwise so painfully thin that you can see the tendons. Well, there has to be some positive to […]

  • Lost in transit?

    The plane got slower and slower, until it finally arrived two hours and 42 minutes late. The flight attendants were rather confusing; I saw one going around with a sheet of paper with all the connecting flights on it, but I couldn’t get her attention. Instead, another attendant told me there was no information and […]

  • Stuck in transit again

    It was raining hard at Hong Kong. The descent was bumpy enough that I heard people crying out in fear, and although the usual miracle of commercial flight meant we landed safely, the heavy weather was causing lots of delays. In particular, the Air Canada jet that’s taking me to Canada arrived late, and that […]

  • An ecstasy of fumbling – Canadian edition

    I didn’t sleep much last night, partly because I was worried that I would oversleep and miss my flight, and partly because I stayed up watching the incredibly crap Day Of The Dead: Bloodline movie on Netflix (about the only virtue of that film is it’s short, and even then I gave up with an […]