November, 2018 -

Month: November 2018

  • Back to Perth

    This morning I had to conduct an interview and then spend time chasing up an appointment for my MRI, so I worked from home, planning to go straight to the airport. But then at the last moment I found I had to go to the office, so I somewhat frantically packed the last things into […]

  • Swimming Lesson #41

    Well, it’s been far too long, but finally I got back in the pool at Swish, a pool that now feels much too warm, which shows I’ve quickly grown accustomed to the regular temperature water at my friends’ place.

  • A quiet night in

    Tonight I didn’t go swimming, forgoing exercise for some preliminary birthday drinks, and then going home to lie on the sofa and eat toast spread with Marmite. (I woke up early again today and rushed to the office, so I felt it was time for a bit of a rest.)

  • Some more nocturnal swimming

    After work, I went swimming again. This time I was planning on eight lengths, to exceed last night. I figured maybe I’d not been giving myself enough recovery last time, so from the first length onward, after I’d reached the end, I’d duck my head underwater to exhale three times, wait until 90 seconds had […]

  • Swimming – slight return

    After work today I went back to my friends’ condo, and with the pass card they’d lent me, went to the pool. The sun was setting and the sky turning pink, and the water felt cold as I eased myself in. I began my planned six laps.

  • Back to fitness

    I went swimming at a friend’s condo pool this morning, the first time I can remember swimming since I went to Seattle at the start of October. Predictably, it was hard; I managed six lengths of a 25 metre pool, twice coming to a grinding halt before I even completed a length. But after so […]

  • Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Internet

    Tonight, with nothing else to do, I went to watch the sequel to Wreck It Ralph. This could have been a very bad idea – Wreck It Ralph has the kind of lethal emotional payload where you go in thinking you’re watching some sacharrine animated entertainment, and come out 90 minutes later weeping because somebody […]

  • Drinking Marmite

    I went out for drinks with friends this evening at a bar called Horse’s Mouth, hidden in the bowels of a shopping mall on Orchard Road. They had a good selection of Japanese food, and a cocktail menu printed in tiny font on paper in a darkened restaurant, so it was only after squinting hard […]

  • Another day, another night

    For the first time this week, I slept straight through from night til morning, not woken up by thunderclap nor rain. I still got out of bed rather sombre, not really feeling the day ahead. But I chugged through it. At lunchtime I bumped into my trainer from the gym while he was out getting […]

  • An evening we’ll spent

    As my birthday and Christmas approach, I’m not meant to be buying myself anything, but after work today I took the train to Dhoby Ghaut and purchased a paintbrush, and a pot of green paint: Then I bought a pack of kitchen roll (more on this later) and went home to paint my toy soldiers.