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Month: November 2018

  • Best Mum Ever

    My wife took my backpack to England and left hers, because my backpack is slightly better. Well, it’s about five or six years newer and backpack technology improves at a frantic pace: better compression straps, more handy crush proof pockets for sunglasses, better little organisational zipped mesh pockets, and so on. And I couldn’t begrudge […]

  • A low point

    This afternoon I went to the doctor, for my various ailments: high cholesterol, a dodgy looking toenail, my busted hand (which appears to be tendonitis and thankfully not a fracture), my busted knee (which appears to possibly be a damaged meniscus and not just swelling (not so good)), and my snotty nose (for which I’ve […]

  • First day alone again

    I woke up at 7:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, because there’s no justice in this world. I felt sorry for myself for a while, then dragged myself from my bed and went out to get coffee. The house was a mess because I was up late last night gluing together Blood […]

  • Home Alone Again

    Once again, I commemorate being bereft of my family by doing the laundry. Tonight I’m too dehydrated for tears, so I just hung out all the tiny shirts and skirts and socks, and then regretted forgetting to put any beer into the fridge so it would actually be cold.

  • Tired at the end of the week

    I was incredibly tired today. I’d had a full night’s sleep, but even with that, I felt like death and couldn’t even focus my eyes properly. I struggled to the office, feeling like all the life had leached out of me, and did my best to not keel over.

  • Another tired day

    I fetched the girls from their school today and walked them down the hill and home. La Serpiente slipped and grazed her knee at the top of the hill but was quite stoic about her injury, especially as I bought her and her sister ice creams. Then we plodded home (I was feeling brutally tired) […]

  • Early to bed and boom boom a bang bang

    Today was the first day of a big conference, and it was also the day the girls had a school trip to the science museum, and it was also the day that I couldn’t sleep until 2am, and was just starting to doze on the sofa when a big rain shower blew in, and it […]

  • Two cups of tea

    I didn’t take any of my painkillers this morning, because I wanted to be conscious during the day (after passing out at 3pm yesterday, I couldn’t sleep until 2am so I didn’t really want any more sleep disruption). After I dropped the girls off at school, I went and got a coffee and then got […]

  • Colds, rain and injuries

    My cold is gradually coming to an end, which is good, because I’ve used up almost all the paper tissues in the house as more and more disgusting stuff has exited from my nose. It was so revolting today that I actually left work early and worked from home instead, which I probably should have […]

  • Wins and losses

    This was my last Sunday with my family before they fly away and I don’t see them for a month, so I took Destroyer and La Serpiente out for pancakes, and after that went off climbing. Serving me right for this neglect of fatherly duties, my scooter skidded after I’d gone over a bit of […]