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Month: November 2018

  • Ice cream and taxis

    Somehow I managed to reduce my phone’s battery to 5% before I took the girls swimming, and I only realised my predicament part way through Destroyer’s class. Turning my phone off to save battery when it was at 2% didn’t help, because the restart process is so convoluted that when I turned it back on, […]

  • School Concert

    Today was the day of the school concert. After two years ago being in a small hall, and last year in a community centre, this year the school hired an enormous theatre at the top of the Bugis + mall, and went insane on the production values.

  • Normal service resumed

    Tonight, after trying to read through a book designed for 7-8 year olds, La Serpiente decided she wanted to cuddle up to me after all. Until she realised that my armpits stank from climbing, at which point she recoiled and then demanded I go apply some deodorant.

  • Fractured bedtime

    After rushing through KLIA2 after my plane landed more than an hour late, and then getting a train into Kuala Lumpur and not getting to bed until 2 this morning, I was quite tired, but I was happy to get home and see the family. It was my turn to put the girls to bed.

  • Night moves

    I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and so at 1am I got up and shambled around the house, scheming about my Blood Bowl match I had scheduled for the morning. Eventually returning to bed, on the verge of sleep, I heard La Serpiente open her bedroom door and start calling to Destroyer, before coming […]

  • Pull ups and sleepiness

    I didn’t feel quite so crapulent today, but I was still muddling through a haze of confusion. I got to the end of the day and then went to the climbing wall to see if I could still do any pull ups.

  • My throbbing head

    My wife, feeling merciful, let me sleep in this morning, but my children, without any concept of mercy, had a screaming competition first thing that went on until 10am,when we went outside and drank coffee.

  • Running on empty

    I didn’t really sleep last nigjt; nose streaming and throat thick with mucus, I tossed and turned until 3am, and then got woken by the children asking whether it was a school day or not, the clowns.

  • Frustration Friday

    After refusing to go to sleep until 10pm last night, Destroyer woke up at 5am and couldn’t figure out why she was in a bad mood. Which is kind of funny, I suppose.

  • Early to rise, late to bed, makes a man groggy and angry I said

    Both children came in about 4 this morning, asking adorably cute but very annoying questions like "what do you call something that is half person and half horse?" Discussions of centaurs are not a thing to be having at stupid o’clock.