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Month: January 2019

  • Progress on resolutions, January 2019

    So we’re at the end of the month, and I learned a bit more today about freestyle (partly that I forgot everything I was told from last week’s lesson until I was reminded about it) but I’ll write that up tomorrow. For now, a quick review of progress so far for this year’s resolutions:

  • Cereal thriller (and the kindness of sisters)

    This morning we’d run low on milk, and so there was just enough to pour on the children’s cereal (corn flakes for La Serpiente, puffs for Destroyer) and a small cup for La Serpiente.  But Destroyer also wanted milk to drink.  An emotional meltdown was looming.

  • A bit of painting

    I got home today to find the girls scootering around the playground outside our block. Yesterday, they’d been out playing there before they had dinner, and that put a right crimp in the evening because dinner didn’t finish until nearly 8pm and they lollygagged after that. Tonight, there was no fuss and as they were […]

  • End of the weakened

    Rather than have a relaxing sleep and recover from the weekend, I stayed up too late last night and when I did go to bed, my wife was taking up the whole mattress and snoring. I went out to sleep on the sofa, but the wind was blowing incredibly noisily so it took me another […]

  • Sunday morning

    It was clearly a mistake, a glorious, life-defining mistake, but a mistake nonetheless, to choose a cocktail made from tequila and a chunk of cheese to drink last night. I felt pretty revolting this morning, and I doubt that was entirely from the half bottle of gin I sank before we went out to the […]

  • Saturday evening

    After yesterday’s forgettable art experience, I spent most of today trying to achieve things: the girls both played a game of Blood Bowl I took the girls to their swimming lessons I took the girls to see some goats and cows If it sounds like I was fully a part of my daughters’ lives, let […]

  • Art After Dark

    This evening I went to ‘Art After Dark’, an outdoor event at the hipster enclave of Gilman Barracks, where there were lots of art exhibits, some live music, and a lot of pop-up restaurants.

  • Swimming Lesson #45

    For the first half of the lesson, we just worked on kicking. Usually I warm up with two lengths of just kicking, and I always dread it – it’s much more exhausting than either using just your arms, or your arms and legs. Yet today, we were going to do oodles of legs only. 

  • Nothing much to report

    It was my turn to put the girls to bed tonight, and they were actually quite well behaved. I was in a bad mood, which I realised after I woke up was because I was tired. I managed to get La Serpiente to sleep quickly, then I think I woke up, groggily realising she’d drooled […]

  • Back on the wall

    I had a training session at Boulder Movement tonight and now my hands are super sore. I climbed a few more problems I wouldn’t have attempted before (15s and 16s) but I was a bit tired and the place was crammed, so by the end we were just working on pull-ups, which made me even […]