March, 2019 -

Month: March 2019

  • Fartflight

    I couldn’t sleep at all last night – I went to bed too late, looked at my phone too much, and had to get up early to make it to the airport for a 9am departure. So I wasn’t feeling like my best self at Changi this morning.Still, I got to meet a friend who’s […]

  • Another hard Saturday

    This morning I was woken by La Serpiente coming in to tell us there was a rainstorm and we needed to close the windows. Which was useful of her, but disturbing for my wife, because I fell back to sleep while she had to get up to sort out the rain situation. We were all […]

  • Captain Marvel

    This evening, after I’d played a game of Blood Bowl in a gaming cafe, my wife and I went to see Captain Marvel, the latest Marvel superhero movie.It has Jude Law, alien shapeshifters, callbacks to other Marvel movies (in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy), confusing plot twists, and the Nineties. 

  • Swimming Lesson #52

    I had an hour’s lesson today: we started off with four lengths of freestyle, then some dolphin kicks, before going on to the full butterfly stroke, which is incredibly hard. Then again, I used to find freestyle incredibly hard, so there’s always hope.

  • More shouting and screaming

    Today’s emotional disaster came courtesy of some shoes I bought a couple of years ago.

  • Meltdown consistency

    I’ve had three meltdowns from La Serpiente in two days now. Last night she raged and raged after she didn’t have enough dessert. This morning, she wept because I told her she had to carry her violin to school, and things got so bad we had to sit on a bench and read a book […]

  • The eyes have it: back in town again

    I got home very late; the plane landed on schedule at 2 15, and I was seated right near the front of the plane, but there was an interminable wait for baggage and then, getting home at 3:30, I vacillated between going to sleep and staying up until 4:15, when I finally saw sense and […]

  • Western Australian Open 2019, Day Two

    I woke at 7:30 this morning, tired of life and tired of Blood Bowl. I crawled from the bed to discover there was no hot water in the shower, and then went down to breakfast. Flat whitened, I felt a little better, and with a good bit of food in me, I packed up, checked […]

  • Western Australian Open 2019

    This morning I got up early, feeling some trepidation, and had a quick breakfast before getting a taxi to South Perth. I was heading to a community building in the middle of a large sports field, to play Blood Bowl all day.

  • The Labyrinth Index

    As with every year that a book in the series is published, in 2018 we got a signed copy of The Labyrinth Index to celebrate our anniversary. This is possibly a bit inappropriate for a celebration of marriage, as the whole series is about eldritch monstrosities coming to eat everyone’s brains. Or very appropriate, depending […]