August, 2019 -

Month: August 2019

  • A long ride home

    I got my bike back this afternoon with a new set of brakes (the bike shop broke the old one while servicing it, but very generously replaced them for free) so I rode home this evening. Or at least I tried to.

  • Bedtime, and rodents, and the life of an artist

    It was very warm last night, so I left the back window open to get some air, then went to bed at the ludicrously early time of 1030. Shattered by my day, I went straight to sleep… And woke up at 330 in the morning. I struggled a bit then went back to sleep… And […]

  • Getting ready for an early night

    I’ve realised I’m not getting enough sleep, so I resolved to get to bed tonight before ten o’clock, so I can spring out of bed tomorrow totally rested. However, I also had to run across town to pick up La Serpiente’s teacher assignment. It’s a shame I couldn’t do this first thing in the morning […]

  • School and back again

    Today I had to pick up some forms for La Serpiente’s enrolment: if I’d planned better I would have got my friend who lives right next to the school to collect them for me, but instead I endured two Uber drives in the middle of the day and rolled nauseously between vehicles before going back […]

  • The VelociPastor

    Today I watched The VelociPastor, a brilliant b-movie about a priest who gets scratched by a haunted dinosaur claw, and gains the power to transform into a dinosaur and fight crime. It’s wonderful – appalling dialogue, terrible special effects and ludicrous camera angles, and for all of its 75 minutes doesn’t outstay its welcome. I […]

  • Cars and such

    I spent more time than I expected today swearing at my phone. When Android Auto works, it’s a wonderful improvement to the car driving experience. You have the familiar interface of Google Maps rather then whatever bonkers design choice the particular manufacturer made, you can control music via voice and even have messages read to […]

  • A busy day

    I did quite a bit today; I picked up a rental car, drove to Kent, played two matches of Blood Bowl with a friend as we tested out some rule variations (I won 2-0 then lost 3-0), then drove back to Seattle and did almost two hours of bouldering before I admitted I was totally […]

  • First ride out

    I rode to work today. It’s only five miles and downhill almost all the way, which is a bit intimidating when you start to think about the return trip.

  • Celestine

    This was a very strange book to read. Half of it is the usual boilerplate Imperial soldiers vs Evil Forces of Chaos story that Games Workshop assume will sell more toy soldiers, and the rest is a wander through what feels vaguely Moorcockian landscapes as an amnesiac wakes on a mound of her own bones, […]

  • Long return

    I woke at 5:30 this morning to go too the airport, just in time to discover my first flight had been delayed by half an hour. So off we went to the airport and a short argument with an automated baggage drop that refused to recognise bar codes, before wandering off for a final Tim […]