September, 2019 -

Month: September 2019

  • Crystal Clear

    We overslept due to intruders in our bed, then rushed down to Lola’s for breakfast with two of my teammates from Singapore. Breakfast was good (doughnuts excellent as ever, children mollified by pancakes, Continental breakfast disappointing) and our voluble server gave us helpful advice about where to go in Washington. He firmly recommended Crystal Mountain […]

  • Butts

    Both our children seem obsessed with the phrase "my butt, my butt, my butt" and as an unfortunate consequence, so are my wife and I, now inserting it into conversation like some unhelpful verbal tic. We took a bus into Seattle, planning on meeting our friends, but arrived three hours early so we went to […]

  • Long long day

    I woke up at 430, stressful, and shortly after that La Serpiente came in so there was no way I was going to sleep. I put her back in her bed, tried to sleep downstairs, played a game of Blood Bowl, and then went to work, basically narcoleptic on the bus. I had coffee and […]

  • Sleep and technology

    On Thursdays La Serpiente goes to school early, for an extra half hour in the gym before the school day begins. Because of this, I get up extra early on those days to roust her from bed. Except today, she woke me up at 5am by crawling into our bed, and I could only get […]

  • The Palace Kitchen

    This evening we went out with friends to The Palace Kitchen, one of my favourite Tom Douglas restaurants. I ate too much – vegetable tempura, tomato salad, street corn and then an enormous piece of sirloin, tempted away from vegetarianism for the second time this month – and almost had my comeuppance when I tried […]

  • Early morning shenanigans

    Today was La Serpiente’s first day of pre-school activities. That meant dropping her off at the gym at 7:25, which meant getting out of the house at 7:10. Luckily she woke me up at 5 by coming in our bedroom and crawling all over us. Thanks La Serpiente.

  • After the fair

    Although for a change the girls didn’t come in to wake us in the middle of the night (La Serpiente made one abortive effort but I carried her back to her own bed) I still felt exhausted today. I made the mistake, I think, of riding to work and felt even more tired once I […]

  • State Fair

    Today we took the girls to the Washington State Fair. That meant an hour’s drive down to Puyallup in the pouring rain, and five minutes before we arrived Destroyer vomited her breakfast into her lap, which was a great way to start.

  • Gametesting

    I drove a friend down to anothet friend’s house in Renton today, for us to play a few games of Blood Bowl. This was a test to see how the rules we’ve devised for our tournament will work, and by and large I’m happy with them. Events like Swarm of Wasps and Noisy Fairground need […]

  • Early start

    The girls came into our room about 4 or 5 this morning, demanding I went downstairs with them. My wife went and hid in their bed as some sort of retaliation, and I refused to get up and make breakfast, so the two little angels pulled the duvet off the bed so I was freezing […]