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Month: October 2019

  • Fishy time

    The girls went to the aquarium today and met two octopuses and a fish with one eye. Or should that be two octopi and a fish with one us? No, I guess not.

  • Cold snap

    It was down to 1° outside this morning. The front steps were slippery with frost (enough that Destroyer fell down them today) and we’d mislaid La Serpiente’s gloves.

  • The Damnation Of Pythos

    It’s been a little while since last I read a book about Space Marines, but finally I got around to this, the last in the sixth anthology of Horus Heresy books. This one was pretty bleak; a bunch of very angry, traumatised Space Marines who really want to be robots instead of men, get haunted […]

  • A day out with some shouting

    A second late night meant that La Serpiente was very floppy today, forever trying to sit down regardless of the activity.

  • Wearing the kids out

    La Serpiente was floppy and exhausted all day, and it wasn’t until the evening that we realised this is what happens when she stays up super late for the Halloween carnival. Whoops. Luckily, tonight we had people over for drinks and so La Serpiente didn’t go to bed until 930 again. So Sunday will be […]

  • Finding things

    I located my headphones this morning, just as I’d given up hope. They were inside my hat. Sadly, not the hat I’d lost, but ar least that’s one less missing possession.

  • Losing things

    I keep losing things. In the last two weeks I’ve lost a new wooly hat and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Both of these are galling; I have other hats, but this was a new, and very warm one. I have other headphones, but they don’t work with my phone as it has no headphone […]

  • Zombified

    Friends visited for gin yesterday, so I felt quite maudlin today. This would be a function of drinking gin, of being a bit lonely at work (most of the teams are out this week so there’s not many people for me to talk to) and of course La Serpiente waking up at 1230 last night […]

  • The Light Brigade

    I found The Light Birgade on my Kindle the other week, but couldn’t for the life of me remember buying this book. Eager for a break from Space Marines, I picked this up… Only to find it was more Space Marines, just this time Heinlein style starship troopers instead of Games Workshop licensees.

  • To the pumpkin patch and beyond

    Having hired a ludicrous car, we had transportation today, and so after a rapid breakfast we drove out to Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Patch, an agritourism attraction about 40 minutes from Seattle.