December, 2019 -

Month: December 2019

  • More medicine

    My ear still hurt, although less, so I went to the doctor this afternoon. As I don’t have a regular doctor yet, I use Zoomcare, a healthcare on demand service where you never seem to see the same practitioner twice. I suppose it’s a guaranteed second opinion.

  • Markets and Portals

    We drove to Fremont Market this morning, which is like Ballard Market but smaller, and with more hipster stuff and less food. I bought a hat, we went to Ballard Market and then we ate food. Simple, really.

  • Cold weather recovery

    This morning I fetched pastries before we all headed out to Gasworks Park. This is a large green space on the southern end of Fremont / Ballard, with a disused gasworks clogging up the view of the city. There’s a nice steep hill that everyone ran up, and then I slipped as I descended it […]

  • A shot of adrenalin early on

    Friday came, and with it La Serpiente, climbing into bed to hug me. I went downstairs and slept on the sofa, until my wife woke me up and sent me to bed. And then an hour later woke me, panic-stricken, as she realised our friends from Vancouver were driving down to stay with us today, […]

  • Slow recovery

    I slept most of Christmas Day, so I expected not to be able to sleep in the evening. Fortunately, I passed out, slept all the way through until 9 this morning. And all that failure to eat yesterday meant that I’ve lost 1.3 kg over the Christmas period – isn’t that great? (note to self: […]

  • Christmas 2019

    I couldn’t sleep last night because my ear hurt too much, and it wasn’t better in the morning. The children woke up brimming with excitement and began to open presents, but e ery high pitched squeal of delight was a stab to my ear.

  • The pay off

    Today I had the day off, but the binmen didn’t, so we spent the morning giving them envelopes of cash. I didn’t realise we had a separate guy for each of our three bins (garbage, yard waste and recycling) and I never have any cash so I spent all morning going back and forth to […]

  • The night before the night before Christmas

    This morning the girls went to Swansons Christmas Tree Farm, while I stayed at home and worked. In line with the Biblical plagues besetting the house (so far floods and flies) I expected something dreadful to happen, but instead our exterminator came to check the basement, then wander off again. So that wasn’t very eventful.

  • Hungover Sunday

    We got really drunk last night on gin, and so I woke up today feeling despondent, my face sore from all the sneezing I’d done. The rains abated for a short while, so we drove down to the farmers market in Ballard and bought lots of things involving ginger, and eventually some saline solution to […]

  • Waters

    Because of the bSememt having puddles all over it, I drove to thr hardware store and bought a shop vac. This is a miracle of American engineering: a 4 horsepower engine attached to 8 gallons of capacity, and the thing will suck anything you want wet or dry.