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Month: January 2020

  • Zonked

    After I’d got the kids down tonight, I went to the gym. I was feeling it’s a waste just to turn up, swim for ten minutes and then go to the sauna, so I spent ten minutes on the bouldering wall they have (OK for strength training but not much else), attempted to do 30 […]

  • Afternoon

    As an experiment, I’m trying to take Wednesday afternoons off between now and the end of March, to give my wife a bit of help on the days when La Serpiente finishes school early. Today that meant I picked up Destroyer from school and then shepherded her home (with judicious application of hot chocolate and […]

  • Mstereology

    I now seem to be fairly reliable at predicting tbe weather. For example, if I don’t wear a waterproof jacket to work, I can guarantee that it will chuck it down with rain when I go home and I’ll get soaked. Conversely when I attire myself in raincoat and stout boots, the weather will be […]

  • Some Progressions

    I’ve been trying to do an extra pull up every day this month, and today I did 27,with very sloppy form, and not consecutively, but over an entire day, so that isn’t so impressive. I also hurt something in my shoulders and now my neck is sore, so perhaps 28 is out of reach tomorrow.

  • Of minor annoyances

    When I picked up my rental this weekend, the fuel tank was three quarters full and, as I was expecting to drive the kids up to Everett today for the children’s museum, I filled it up last night. Of course, the kids then refused to leave Ballard all day (including a weeping fit from La […]

  • Sevens At The Seaside

    Today I abandoned the wife and kids to drive up to Everett for my Blood Bowl tournament. For about half an hour I thought we had an odd number of players, which would have meant I needed to play to get an even number of people. Instead, I got to spend the day answering questions […]

  • The night before

    I have the tournament tomorrow, so this evening I was panicking, collecting stuff together, buying ice cream and pie, and worrying about pens and paper and such. Somehow I also got an hour’s imb in tonight (did very well, I’m happy to say) and thus got some exercise this week. Otherwise the ice cream and […]

  • Things in the bed

    This morning I woke to find both children in the bed. My wife had somehow been relegated to the end of the bed, as the girls had slowly shoved her down through the evening. Tonight, going to bed, I discovered a small red alarm clock with a luminous dial that I’ve had for about 25 […]

  • Cars I have driven: Toyota Camry

    Today I rented a Toyota Camry. I drove a Camry back in 2014 in Seattle and really enjoyed it. For some reason, I like this one less. It could be that I’m now accustomed to a leather steering wheel instead of a hard plastic one. Or I’m now surprised by cars where you turn a […]

  • A rainy night

    I decided not to wear my boots to work today, which I regretted as soon as it started raining and, because Seattle, didn’t stop raining until almost midnight. So I got home tonight with wet feet, as well as wet trousers, and then had to put the kids to bed.