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Month: February 2020

  • End of the weak

    After having a fairly big swim last night (14 lengths of the pool) I woke up very tired. La Serpiente had stolen the duvet from me so I woke up cold, and then because i didn’t have time to shower and get her to school, so I stuck her on the back of the bike, […]

  • Sleep deprived

    I got into my hotel around 10 last night, closed the blinds, hung up my shirt, and went to bed. At 4am I was awoken by the crash and bang of the bins being moved below my window, and then the door of the wardrobe had opened and the light from inside glowered at me. […]

  • Moving children

    I took the afternoon off today, so I could pick up Destroyer from her school. I also rode my bike to work today, and after getting stuck in a conversation with a coworker and leaving later than I should have done, I was bombing across town with minutes to spare. Still, I made it to […]

  • Tricked! Again!

    I rode to work today, because the weather forecast was "cloudy" and after Monday I didn’t trust the forecast anyway. I wore my corduroy jacket (purchased from Marks & Spencer in 2006 or 2007 before a blind date) and it turns out a teenage jacket is not warm enough for near-zero temperatures and cycling.

  • Tricked!

    Warned of showers this morning by our Google Home, I took the bus to work, and there was no rain all day, so I missed a perfectly good opportunity to use my bike.

  • Achievement unlocked: cycling daughter

    La Serpiente slept in our bed, so I tried to sleep next to her but couldn’t, and as my wife had taken the sofa, I ended up sleeping on the floor of the toy room. I woke up at 8ish, started the day with a dreadful game of Blood Bowl where my team could do […]

  • Nikk Three Horn Cup

    Today I returned to the Evergreen Lanes bowling lanes for another Blood Bowl tournament – this time four full games, starting at 9 in the morning and carrying on until very late.

  • Black Lotus Kiss

    This was a fun book, a chance find in the Fremont library written by a left wing historian and ex cemetery groundsman. Just shy of three hundred pages of pulp noir, crossbreed with ancient occult, and some wrestling. Come to think of it, that sounds mental.

  • Bad start

    I woke this morning with incredibly painful heartburn, probably from scoffing all the cheese last night, and then had to get on a 7am phoencall while I felt like the world was ending around me. Thankfully it got better (after an hour) and then I went to work.

  • An evening of wine and cheese

    We had friends over this evening, so for four hours we drank wine and ate cheese, and listened to the Ballad Of Bertha Butt, which is just the thing to do for a Wednesday night