March, 2020 -

Month: March 2020

  • Off to the store

    It was a bright, sunny day today and we were running low on groceries. My wife walked down to the supermarket and shopped, and then I took the girls down after her, La Serpiente on her bike and Destroyer on the back of mine.

  • A long ride out

    I had a game of Blood Bowl this morning (lost 1-0, but felt I didn’t make many stupid mistakes for a change) and then took the girls for a ride. For the last week and a half, we’ve ridden the two miles from our house to the cliffs overlooking the Puget Sound. Destroyer goes on […]

  • Cabin fever chronicles

    It was dull and rainy today, and the kids were on the verge of insanity all day, as if they’d planned for weeks an assault on my wife’s nerves. After a quiet week at work today was an ever increasing snowball of meetings, and the few times I ventured away from my desk it was […]

  • Further adventures

    After spending most of the day in calls, I put Destroyer on the back of my bike and made La Serpiente ride with me to the cliffs again.

  • New routines

    After a day of work that was stop and start (various interruptions to help with the children, intermittent arguments with databases that left me more confused than enlightened, and phone calls where you can’t figure iut if somebody is being deliberately obtuse or you’re not explaining things clearly enough) my wife fed me an incredible […]

  • Wearing them out

    After last night when La Serpiente wouldn’t sleep, I decided to wear her out today, so between meetings in the morning I went riding with her, up ten blocks (uphill all the way) and then down again. To make it a bit fairer, I also rode a bike with only one gear, although mine is […]

  • Another day back

    Monday came around fast. Both girls were off school today, because Destroyer’s preschool was closed for a teacher education day, so we had to try to entertain both girls. At least it didn’t rain so they could get outside a bit, but I was stuck in calls or rushing to return our rental car until […]

  • Mothers day 2020, version 1

    We get two Mother’s Days in the family, because the UK one falls earlier in the year than the North American one. I wasn’t very good this year; I managed to call up my mother and wish her the best, but hadn’t done anything for my wife. Still, she’s waiting for the other day. They […]

  • So called “easy” hike

    With much cajoling, wailing and gnashing of teeth, we got the girls into the car and drove out from Seattle this morning. We drove up I-5 for 45 minutes, turned off and stopped for the obligatory topless coffee, and then drove on a long and winding road to the trailhead. (I feel I should mention […]

  • Out to the park

    At lunchtime today, to give my wife some relief from the girls, I harangued them until they both agreed to get on the back of my bike, and then we rode the two and a half miles to Carkeek Park. It was another beautiful sunny day. I’d woken up to the sound of the Parks […]