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Month: April 2020

  • Late bedtime

    The kids had very little exercise today, so it took about two hours and lots of screaming for them to go to sleep. At one point La Serpiente brought a blanket and a pillow and went to sleep on the landing, and then we woke her up and made her go back to bed, but […]

  • Not sure what I did with my day

    Today was another strangely gruelling day, where I struggled to get anything done. Things accelerated as the day went on, so by the end of it I’d achieved some things, but most of it was spent sitting in a chair doubting my existence.

  • Sunny daze are here again

    Today it was sunny again, but windy, and I tried to persuade the girls to ride with me to the cliffs to look at the mountains. They refused, so instead they rode their bikes around the bloke an uncountable number of times, until I was worn out following them and agreed to go to the […]

  • Late night mischief

    I put the girls to sleep tonight and while La Serpiente was out cold in minutes, Destroyer was wide awake at 830,askimg me questions about ear wax and rabbiting on. Eventually I fled the room and let her put herself to sleep.

  • Wearing yourself out

    It was raining this morning but the sun came out in the afternoon, along with strong winds, and I figured that rather than risk it raining again tomorrow, I’d go and do my time trial today. This was a new kind of suffering: ten minutes of trying to warm up, my legs feeling like cement, […]

  • Dick’s

    It’s got almost to the end of the month without me eating any meat, so tonight I put the girls on the back of the bike and rode up to 90-somethingth Street, to Dick’s drive through restaurant. I got 4 regular, plain hamburgers and one deluxe, and then we rushed home.

  • A rainy day

    More rain, yet more rain… I couldn’t sleep last night so I went down to the sofa to read. La Serpiente soon came down to find me, and then snuggled up to me, which meant I couldn’t read or sleep, so I took her back to her bed, and then I fell asleep there.

  • Getting emotional

    It rained again today, all day, so with the girls at home going slightly crazy, things were a bit of a struggle. I didn’t blow my top today, so that was an improvement, and I had my first banjo lesson, which was fun, though tougher than perhaps I’d expected. Still, getting closer to being able […]

  • Cold spring day

    It was a cold, grey day today and the girls didn’t go outside, which meant their pent up energy gradually grew louder and louder, while I struggled to concentrate upstairs on my work. The apotheosis of it was them stripping down to their shorts and then wrestling one another on the sofa while I yelled, […]

  • Start the week as you mean to go on

    The week came around again, and I woke up in La Serpiente’s bed. (Destroyer had come into our room in the night demanding mummy cuddles, and that necessitated me taking her back to her bed while my wife slept, and then I woke up freezing cold at 3am with Destroyer hogging the blankets, but by […]