May, 2020 -

Month: May 2020

  • Another night, another day

    Destroyer and I got up early and went out to buy bread for breakfast. Thunder began to rumble in the distance and Destroyer was fascinated to watch the lightning strikes, while I tried and failed to get a loaf of sourdough

  • Winning at bedtime

    Seven hours of sleep for Destroyer made her not so wonderful today, although she only got growly a couple of times. I took them on a long walk to deliver a birthday card in the morning; each child brought a ball with them, and Destroyer kicked hers while La Serpiente tried to beat her record […]

  • Further exercises in sleep training

    Another day, another evening where the kids struggled to sleep. Or rather, La Serpiente went to sleep in about five minutes, and Destroyer fussed and fussed until about 9:45. I had to go and catch up on work, and about 10:30 I started coming downstairs, as a small child passed me walking up from where […]

  • Please go to sleep

    The kids were heinous again tonight, even after I tried to tire them out. Not looking forward to another three hour bedtime with Destroyer, we told her that growling was unacceptable. So she growled some more, so we left the room and told them to put themselves to sleep. A further hue and cry ensued, […]

  • Freebies

    La Serpiente’s school photo was done via Zoom today; all the kids logged on, uploaded the same blue background, and a picture was taken. I wonder how that will turn out.

  • Rainy day blues

    It rained pretty much all day today so the children were hard to entertain. I took them out on their birke to buy ice cream (what could be better on a cold day in May) but Bluebird was shut, and we degenerated into a pointless argument outside the other gelato shop when La Serpiente wanted […]

  • Newberry Hill

    We got up early today, rushed the girls out of the house and drove down to the Seattle Ferry Terminal, to catch the 9:30 sailing to Bainbridge. Unlike before where you’d get out and walk around the ferry, we sat in the car for the duration, and then a 45 minute drive up through Bremerton […]

  • Eating out during the apocalypse

    I took the girls out for a ride, promising them a visit to Mighty O doughnuts, a change from Top Pot, where they usually go. Last time we went to Mighty O we arrived half an hour late, as it shut at 2pm, but I’d checked on the Internet and today it was open til […]

  • Books, burgers and Bothell

    We drove the girls out to Bothell today, a small town north of Seattle we first visited for the July 4th parade last year. This time, with the lockdown in force, we bought burgers to take away from a restaurant, then sat in the car and ate them outside a petrol station, before driving down […]

  • Sleepy Thursday

    I fell asleep between the girls tonight, because Destroyer wanted to talk to me about… something or other? I’d been drinking the last of our bottle of pear wine so I was a bit sleepy, and La Serpiente had gone through the usual bedtime trauma of being told she had to stop reading a book, […]