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Month: October 2020

  • Unicorns, leaves, pumpkins

    Today I woke sore, which suggests doing lots of squats while wearing a VR headset may have been more taxing than I’d thought. I suppose that indicates VR fitness may be more effective than my first session suggested – indeed, if you’re getting a good workout without noticing, that’s a powerful upgrade. Or I just […]

  • Pumpkins and VR

    I carved another pumpkin today, to replace the two that had already rotted on our front porch. This time, we got a much bigger pumpkin and kept it indoors so it wouldn’t get too damp, and after I’d put the girls to bed I went downstairs and hacked at the pumpkin until I’d got the […]

  • Walking on a cold day

    I walked the girls up to the library again today. Every Wednesday their classes finish at lunchtime, and so with no fixed meetings in the afternoon, and after recovering from a morning of non stop meetings, I had time to walk them up the hill. Destroyer got in a massive snit because I wouldn’t give […]

  • Testing time

    I’ve been on statins for a while for elevated cholesterol, and after I came to the US they had to be represcribed, and then my primary care physician had me tested to see what they’d done. I had a blood test about three months ago, before I went back on the meds, and then again […]

  • Charging into the cold

    It’s really, really cold all of a sudden. It was bad enough last week, but now I’m sat under a blanket at my desk, my legs going numb. I’ve got so desperate I’ve ordered a room heater from Amazon so I can work while not turning into an icicle. On the other hand, it’s still […]

  • More on cars

    I drove to the climbing wall in our new car, and only managed about forty minutes of climbing. I was feeling weak, a combination of not working out enough in the week, and being tired. So I cut my losses, drove home, and tried to have a video call with a friend, at which point […]

  • Va va voom

    This morning I went to the Hyundai dealership seventy blocks north of where we live, and about six hours later I finally finished the paperwork for a new car. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a new new car, rather than something that was new to me but already had […]

  • Short and cold with a long walk

    Today I took the girls on a walk to the library again. They were happy because they got to get a bag of books each, and a hot chocolate, and there was zero complaining there or back, which may be a first.

  • A lesson in the weather

    It was cold today, very cold, and so when I walked the girls to school, it was to be serenaded by complaints, which could have been avoided if they’d checked the weather before refusing to put gloves on when we left the house. I guess somehow this will stress the importance of metereology to the […]

  • Home cooking

    My wife spent the evening at a cookery class, except because of the pandemic she did it over a Zoom call, instead of going to a kitchen down the street. That meant the girls complained that there was too much noise for them to be able to concentrate on watching TV, so to stop their […]