November, 2020 -

Month: November 2020

  • Busy Sunday

    A fog had settled on us overnight, so dense that we couldn’t see across the street when we woke up. I stumbled around, eventually going out to pick up biscuits and coffee, and did little else this morning apart from call my parents back in London. Perhaps I was worn out from the psychic load […]

  • Unboxing

    We finally got round to emptying the last mound of boxes from when we relocated from Singapore 18 months ago. Most of what we’d transported was either bits of art La Serpiente and Destroyer did over the last three years, or some mouldy pads of lined paper. Why it took us a year and a […]

  • Hungover, hiking and such

    The sun was shining today, so we got the girls out and went for a hike, up a hill and then down the other side, over in Bellevue. La Serpiente and I ran ahead, and encountered a small dog and its owner. The dog came over and sniffed La Serpiente and allowed itself to be […]

  • Thanksgiving 2020

    This has been the first time as residents of the US that we’ve had a Thanksgiving meal (last year we were in Canada for my birthday, and although we’ve had a Thanksgiving in Colorado and another in Seattle, those were both on the way through to somewhere else). My wife cooked the turkey while I […]

  • Disappointing hike

    We all got up very early this morning and drove down to Tipsoo Lake, to redo our summer hike, but this time in the snow. The girls held up pretty well, all the way to Crystal Mountain, where we found the road to Tipsoo was shut, and so we decided to detour and drive the […]

  • Curry powder and tantrums

    I had planned for us to go hiking today, but a late start to the day and rain put paid to that. Instead, we spent the morning tidying the house and then in the afternoon had a very long visit to Target to buy things like a new laundry hamper and more organisational paraphernalia for […]

  • Start of winter

    I woke up at five today because both girls were in my bed, and then once I recovered from this shock, I spent the day minding the kids plus our friend’s daughter, while they remodelled their bathroom. We spent most of the day outside, which was good for wearing the kids out, but it was […]

  • Agent Running In The Field

    I haven’t read a Le Carre novel for years, so when I found a copy of Agent Running In The Field in an Anacortes bookshop for $9, I picked it up and read it on the various ferries yesterday, and then stayed up until 2 this morning while I was getting over being drunk, finishing […]

  • Fake McDonald’s

    La Serpiente had heard about Lopez Island from a classmate, so we drove up there. We hadn’t realised until we got close that you had to make a reservation for the ferry, and calling it as we approached, we found we had a two hour wait. So instead we parked in Anacortes and spent time […]

  • Early to rise, late to bed

    For the third week in a row, I got up early and went for a run. This time was much shorter – half an hour around Discovery Park, rather than going out to the woods. It was probably good that we did a short run, as I had no strength in my legs – a […]